1:05 PM – Lost

by sunnyfong

Maybe I jinxed myself by reading my insurance policy before the plane landed. After 1 hour with the baggage office, it was determined that my luggage is somewhere in the world, probably in the cargo of a plane somewhere. I also find it ironic in an Alanis way that I asked three separate airport representatives whether my luggage would be safe between my connection flights. I’m not so much concerned that every t-shirt I’ve ever loved is in that bag but the fact that I will have no toiletries/underwear in a villa where items are scarce. Losing luggage is a bit of a buzzkill. A train costs nothing here and no one checks your ticket. The passport guy barely looked at my documents. I finally figured out how to get to Lucca so I’m on a very slow train right now heading to Ponte De Mariano. Hopefully, my bag will be found and they can deliver it tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the scenery. I hope there’s a place in the villa that sells 3-packs of BVDs.