by sunnyfong

This summer has been unusually greasy and sweaty for me. Maybe I’m just getting old but my face is more sensitive to the sun. I still darken to a nice colour but at night, it can be either too oily or too dry. And lately, I’ve been itching and the scratching as scarred my face. And I’m sure I’m infecting my pores with my dirty fingernails. I figured I’d get a hat for Italy since it’s supposed to be hotter than hot. And I don’t want to come back looking like a leather handbag. The plan is to wear a lot of tailored shorts, bright white crewneck Ralph Lauren t-shirts and paper/straw hats. I just bought this today:

Henschel braided hat with grosgrain ribbon. It’s not really my style but I tried it on anyway.

I recently went to Uncle Otis to try on hats and though I love Stussy, the hats don’t fit very well. It’s very difficult to find a functional hat that still sits right on your head. Henschel has a long history of making quality hats that also don’t flake out on the style factor. Missouri-based and American-made, Henschel has been making headwear since 1947. The hats have a crossover appeal because they do really neat designs but they also sell very well in department stores and major retail outlets.

Here are a few more than I absolutely dig:

I’m not fond of the shape but I love the pleated ribbon.

I really like the subtle differences between these hats. The way the braid or pattern flows really changes the way it looks on someone.

My love affair with Seersucker continues.

Houndstooth is so overdone but herringbone is still understated and underrated.

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