Douglas Coupland x Roots

by sunnyfong

Jesus, no time to blog!

I’ve been super busy planning for my Italy trip/course and trying to find the right clothes for the weather over there. After my course, I’m going to be hitting up a few other countries (Czech Republic, Germany and hopefully Paris) so I want to dress the part. It’s funny that leaving Canada is one of the only times I can experiment with fashion and get away with it. At least, I think I’m getting away with it. In actuality, I might be too boring style-wise that no one will give me a passing thought. Regardless, style is fun for me (who gives a shit what people think anyway?) so I’m looking forward to sporting some new duds and luggage sans a tacky Canadian flag stitched to my new Jack Spade bag… shudder. I want to be comfortable and confident when I’m drunk in the streets of Berlin.

But before I go, I’d like to share a video of one my favourite Canadian icons…

Douglas Coupland is the epitome of post-modern Canadiana. I always thought he was ahead of his time no matter how pretentious his work was. I secretly enjoyed every soundbite, blurb and/or collaboration he participates in. I’m such a secret fanboy.

This is why I feel bad for blogging about his new collaboration with the almighty Roots brand now when every paper has an article about it today. I swear, I knew about this months ago but never got around to posting the previews for you. Anyway, you can view the whole collection when it hits stores tomorrow. Or you can cruise his super annoying site here to check out the goods.

Available in other colours. But I’m going to guess that the sizing will be too generous for my tastes. No one thinks about the little people!

Looks like Canada can be summed up in jacket form.

The pattern is a taken from a detail of the new digital beaver logo.

Gotta say, I do love the red version of the crest polo and the play on the classic 80’s Roots varsity jacket. Clever little douchebag.