CWE’s Must-haves for Summer 2010 – #2

by sunnyfong

More must-haves for Summer 2010…


I’m not a huge fan of jewelry on men but sometimes, I can make exceptions. Like this heart pendant that’s definitely fancypants but also has a goth feel to it. I’ve seen some really frilly and inappropriate necklaces for men (a guy at a pub the other night was wearing a D&G dog collar!) but for the white t-shirt-wearing rocker guy, a longer pendant that’s simple in design is pretty tight.

The Plain White T-shirt

I’ve been wearing Ralph Lauren t-shirts a lot in the last few years. Simple, plain and the material is a little softer than the tees they use for novelty shirts. And before you start mocking me for buying designer white tees, they came in a pack of 3 and cost $15. But my favourite one is a soft tee I bought at Zellers for 99 cents. It’s so soft and comfortable. And white always compliments skin tones whether you’re dark or pale as a ghost. Take it from Paul Newman: white t-shirts will always be sexy.

Seersucker shorts

I have 5 pairs of seersucker shorts. I’m not sure why but I bought one pair and then started finding more variations. I couldn’t help myself. I even bought a little seersucker swim trunks for my Europe trip.

Slim Chinos

Wrinkled, ironed, rolled up, flat front, even pleats… Anything goes as long as they’re cotton, slim and doesn’t have pocket flaps. Jeans are great but cotton chinos are super flattering on the biggest of butts.

Classic Timepieces

Because I already own 2 really expensive watches, I’m not really in the market for another one. At the MoMa store, I ogled and tried on a few watches under $200. The chick tried to convince me to splurge but I just couldn’t justify it. So I admired them up close, wiped the condensation off the glass case and came back to Toronto to only admire classic watches from afar. Like the Seiko above. The It watch for any guy should be functional, durable, simple in design and iconic. I cringe when I see giant leather cuffs as bands or a plastic G-shock-esque piece of shit on some hipster at Wrongbar, For the same price, you can get a watch that you can wear to the park and to the office. It’s all about a watch you can pass down to your son (or daughter!). Maybe I’ll pick up a vintage Omega or a Mondaine someday but for now, I’ll live vicariously through you if you decide to get one.

The Canvas Bag
The best part of a less structured canvas bag is that you can throw it on the floor of a summer patio and not be afraid that it will get all scuffed up like an expensive leather one. The more rugged it looks, the more cool it looks. Canvas is also pretty easy to scrub, brush, wipe and deodorize.
Here’s a selection of canvas bags that I suggest (both rugged and streamlined):

Olive Ally Capellino messenger

Boyish cowhide and canvas bag by Sandstorm Kenya. These are all actually made in Nairobi.

Light canvas bag by Coach. A little faggy but I like the colour combo.

Jitney bag by Sock.

For the ultimate super shoppers, buy the materials and make this bag yourself.

Happy Canada Day everyone! Stay stylish.