CWE’s Must-haves for Summer 2010 – #1

by sunnyfong

Sunny’s taking on Europe!

So I’m going to Italy soon to do a course with an organization affiliated with the United Nations. International social workers, community workers and leaders will be meeting for a few weeks to meet, discuss oh-so-important topics and learn about each other. We’ll also have the chance to develop facilitation skills and gain necessary knowledge to utilize in our professional lives back home. So yeah yeah yeah, travelling, politics, global issues, networking… But the ultimate issue is WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO WEAR POOLSIDE? So I’ve been sneaking off to the mall and perusing online stores for the perfect swimsuits, shorts and other summer goodies. Thought I’d share my OFFICIAL must-haves for Summer 2010:

The Crewneck Sweatshirt

Classic. Unpretentious. Comfortable. Versatile. Wearable with a blazer, over a t-shirt, to a bbq, to the mall, with jeans, with chinos…

This is a play on the grey crewneck sweatshirt favoured by rugby players and college girls running to class in the morning. The light grey version is always perfect for a cooler summer evening but this darker version by Neil Barrett is more lightweight and luxurious. The plain bands compliment the jersey-ish weave. Pro-tip: buy one size smaller to keep that snug look.

Raw Denim

The Bay has “broken denim” as an essential in their Queen Street windows but I prefer raw denim. Sure it’s a little thick for the summer but in fashion, no pain no gain. I especially like A.P.C. jeans.

The Canvas Jacket

Overland Orvis for fly fishing or a night on the patio.

Black waterproof waxed canvas for those summit protest days.

This one is for the more daring.

The Summer Boots

I recently tried on kangaroo leather boots (I know, so un-PC) at Serpentine in Yorkville (very knowledgeable and friendly staff btw) and was surprised how light they felt on my feet. I decided to do some research since I love wearing boots no matter what season it is. The kangaroo leather boots pictured above, from Kia Waese’s boutique R.A.D. at 899 Dundas West are meant for hot summer days. The material is so thin, it’s translucent when held up to the light. At $1,895 a pair (similar pricing at Serpentine), these boots, as Tina Fey might say, “better paint my house!”

I am sticking with my suede grey ankle boots for summer. And maybe a pair of more rugged boots like these:

Coloured Socks

Former co-host of the now defunct show In The Closet, Tyler Thoreson is your average all-American red-blooded fashion editor who knows how to throw in a little pizazz to liven up an otherwise dull suit and shirt. Coloured socks are hot. Black, blue, grey, brown and tan should be placed at the back of your sock drawer, reserved for funerals or court appearances. Something about seeing a sliver of a bright green or purple when a well-dressed guy sits down makes me immediately assume that he’s probably good in bed. Don’t ask.


Not an easy colour to pull off but when accenting the right tie, pocket square or even shoes (see the Comme De Garçons ones above), purple can be a nice summer detail.

Polka Dots

Maybe not a full on shirt (though I’ve seen some at Envelop that I thought were pretty dapper) but as an accent to a look, it totally works. Look, it even makes Mike Tyson look kinda friendly! Kinda.

More to come…