Keith Haring x Zara

by sunnyfong

My new purchase. I used to have this shirt in black but because I was such a raver in highschool, I got it in an XL. Don’t even remember who I gave it to. Hm. Anyway, I came to my senses and started wearing clothes that actually fit me. This is a perfect throwback shirt for me. Reminds me of band class.

I totally forgot that Zara did a Keith Haring last year. It did so well, they released another 6 shirts. And then released some hoodies, undies and more tees. The pic doesn’t do it justice as the colour is actually a really bright electric yellow. I’m blind from looking at it in the mirror.

I also like that I’m a cheapskate so that my purchases are always a few months or a year later after all the hype has died. This is totally old news. Everyone has moved onto Basquiat shirts and Uniqlo vs. Mickey Mouse.
But if anyone is wondering, Zara is having a big sale right now so you can get most of the Keith Haring shirts for under $30. I found this one crumpled near the cash. The only small in the entire store of course.

Picked up these too…

Coloured cotton shorts. So hot right now.

My friend in line with me, who I just helped buy a Hugo Boss suit tonight at Harry Rosen, said I was making a ketchup and mustard purchase. I’m a real hot-dog.