Guys With iStyle?

by sunnyfong

Corey Hart here is at a house party with an older guy with a ponytail. No more needs to be said.

Wearing his aunt’s underpants to hide his receding hairline isn’t so hardcore.

What’s she doing on Guys With iPhones? Haven’t seen her since How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Ya know, a lot of people would look at this Arab guy and think “wow, he looks like a scary terrorist.” But I think that’s totally unfair because he actually looks more like a dirty Mexican.

For some reason, this was posted sideways. But it’s fine since no one really wants to look at this right-side up anyway. He’s too old to have his shirt open. He’s too old to take pics of himself in a mirror. He’s too old to be posting it on Guys With iPhones. He’s too old to own an iPhone. Not only does he look like a creep on Dateline, this lazy motherfucker spends so much time taking photos of himself, he doesn’t even have time to put in new lightbulbs.

Just because I made a racist joke towards Mexicans and Arabs, I figured I’d post this picture. There comes a time when white people are just way too confident for their own good.

Kanye West doesn’t care about black people.