Proof There’s Money in Art School

by sunnyfong

I was perusing Santa Monica Auction’s catalogue for this coming Sunday. I am VERY tempted to purchase a Warhol self-portrait holding Mick Jagger’s gun. It’s estimated to be around $2500 which actually doesn’t seem that much for a Warhol. Someone please stop me.

I noticed a few interesting highlights:

Dennis Hopper’s photographs are up for grabs. I wonder if the values went up this week.

Speaking of Warhol, Keith Haring’s original and a signed print are up for auction.

Damien Hirst is such a douche. I can’t stand these polka dot factory-made paintings. It’s not even paint. Pencil crayon. Going for 250 – 300K. What an asshole.

I like this Lichtenstein because it’s so different than the usual stuff you see.

I like that Banksy spends his entire film kinda sorta bashing an artist for selling out. Meanwhile, this Banksy piece is going for 300K+.

This Richard Prince photograph belongs above my fireplace.

Own a real Murakami for the same price as a few Murakami Louis Vuitton case.

Maybe I can invest in Warhol’s Electric Chair. [Liz Lemon]Wow, for $18, 000, this print better renovate my kitchen.[/Liz Lemon]

Oh, art.