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Month: June, 2010

CWE’s Must-haves for Summer 2010 – #1

Sunny’s taking on Europe!

So I’m going to Italy soon to do a course with an organization affiliated with the United Nations. International social workers, community workers and leaders will be meeting for a few weeks to meet, discuss oh-so-important topics and learn about each other. We’ll also have the chance to develop facilitation skills and gain necessary knowledge to utilize in our professional lives back home. So yeah yeah yeah, travelling, politics, global issues, networking… But the ultimate issue is WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO WEAR POOLSIDE? So I’ve been sneaking off to the mall and perusing online stores for the perfect swimsuits, shorts and other summer goodies. Thought I’d share my OFFICIAL must-haves for Summer 2010:

The Crewneck Sweatshirt

Classic. Unpretentious. Comfortable. Versatile. Wearable with a blazer, over a t-shirt, to a bbq, to the mall, with jeans, with chinos…

This is a play on the grey crewneck sweatshirt favoured by rugby players and college girls running to class in the morning. The light grey version is always perfect for a cooler summer evening but this darker version by Neil Barrett is more lightweight and luxurious. The plain bands compliment the jersey-ish weave. Pro-tip: buy one size smaller to keep that snug look.

Raw Denim

The Bay has “broken denim” as an essential in their Queen Street windows but I prefer raw denim. Sure it’s a little thick for the summer but in fashion, no pain no gain. I especially like A.P.C. jeans.

The Canvas Jacket

Overland Orvis for fly fishing or a night on the patio.

Black waterproof waxed canvas for those summit protest days.

This one is for the more daring.

The Summer Boots

I recently tried on kangaroo leather boots (I know, so un-PC) at Serpentine in Yorkville (very knowledgeable and friendly staff btw) and was surprised how light they felt on my feet. I decided to do some research since I love wearing boots no matter what season it is. The kangaroo leather boots pictured above, from Kia Waese’s boutique R.A.D. at 899 Dundas West are meant for hot summer days. The material is so thin, it’s translucent when held up to the light. At $1,895 a pair (similar pricing at Serpentine), these boots, as Tina Fey might say, “better paint my house!”

I am sticking with my suede grey ankle boots for summer. And maybe a pair of more rugged boots like these:

Coloured Socks

Former co-host of the now defunct show In The Closet, Tyler Thoreson is your average all-American red-blooded fashion editor who knows how to throw in a little pizazz to liven up an otherwise dull suit and shirt. Coloured socks are hot. Black, blue, grey, brown and tan should be placed at the back of your sock drawer, reserved for funerals or court appearances. Something about seeing a sliver of a bright green or purple when a well-dressed guy sits down makes me immediately assume that he’s probably good in bed. Don’t ask.


Not an easy colour to pull off but when accenting the right tie, pocket square or even shoes (see the Comme De Garçons ones above), purple can be a nice summer detail.

Polka Dots

Maybe not a full on shirt (though I’ve seen some at Envelop that I thought were pretty dapper) but as an accent to a look, it totally works. Look, it even makes Mike Tyson look kinda friendly! Kinda.

More to come…


Temple Bags

Fuck the iPad. Get the iPad bag instead.

Temple Bags makes some sick handmade bags. Temple deconstructs military pieces and makes classic bags with a modern twist. The designer washes and cuts WWI era materials to create pieces that look great but are also highly functional.

Check out their online store.

Keith Haring x Zara

My new purchase. I used to have this shirt in black but because I was such a raver in highschool, I got it in an XL. Don’t even remember who I gave it to. Hm. Anyway, I came to my senses and started wearing clothes that actually fit me. This is a perfect throwback shirt for me. Reminds me of band class.

I totally forgot that Zara did a Keith Haring last year. It did so well, they released another 6 shirts. And then released some hoodies, undies and more tees. The pic doesn’t do it justice as the colour is actually a really bright electric yellow. I’m blind from looking at it in the mirror.

I also like that I’m a cheapskate so that my purchases are always a few months or a year later after all the hype has died. This is totally old news. Everyone has moved onto Basquiat shirts and Uniqlo vs. Mickey Mouse.
But if anyone is wondering, Zara is having a big sale right now so you can get most of the Keith Haring shirts for under $30. I found this one crumpled near the cash. The only small in the entire store of course.

Picked up these too…

Coloured cotton shorts. So hot right now.

My friend in line with me, who I just helped buy a Hugo Boss suit tonight at Harry Rosen, said I was making a ketchup and mustard purchase. I’m a real hot-dog.


I was walking down Ossington recently and decided to check out the place that was being renovated a while back. I thought it was going to a Sephora or some shit restaurant I can’t afford but to my delight, Jonathan + Olivia has moved into this uber-hipster neighbourhood.

Some notable stuff that I will be sifting through:

Comme des Garcons Wallet

Rag & Bone


Wings and Horns

Maybe with the 40% sale happening, I’ll be able to afford some frocks and socks.
I think I might pop by this weekend. Located at 49 Ossington, between Dundas and Queen West.

A Burst of Burberry

Everyone is looking too sloppy these days. Clones clones clones. I love plaid shirts, rolled up chinos, dirty t-shirts and vintage shoes but I don’t dress like that all the time. I like a little black, a knit, a trench or a great slim black dress shirt. Not sure why everyone seems to hop on the trend train and then not get off to sightsee!
That’s why we need a little blast of Burberry! Just cuz.

Mumsy is going to Walden Galleria and Buffalo on Saturday and might pick up a giant check scarf for me if I’m a good boy.
Asians love Burberry!

Guys With iStyle?

Corey Hart here is at a house party with an older guy with a ponytail. No more needs to be said.

Wearing his aunt’s underpants to hide his receding hairline isn’t so hardcore.

What’s she doing on Guys With iPhones? Haven’t seen her since How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Ya know, a lot of people would look at this Arab guy and think “wow, he looks like a scary terrorist.” But I think that’s totally unfair because he actually looks more like a dirty Mexican.

For some reason, this was posted sideways. But it’s fine since no one really wants to look at this right-side up anyway. He’s too old to have his shirt open. He’s too old to take pics of himself in a mirror. He’s too old to be posting it on Guys With iPhones. He’s too old to own an iPhone. Not only does he look like a creep on Dateline, this lazy motherfucker spends so much time taking photos of himself, he doesn’t even have time to put in new lightbulbs.

Just because I made a racist joke towards Mexicans and Arabs, I figured I’d post this picture. There comes a time when white people are just way too confident for their own good.

Kanye West doesn’t care about black people.

Pointer Footwear

I was looking around the intarwebs for some online stores and happened to stumble upon this footwear company. Based in London, Pointer’s goal is to design simple and smart shoes in a market saturated by trendy shmendy footwear and athleticwear. I’m not diggin’ everything but here are a few picks:

I have been looking for a reasonably-priced pair of grey desert boots for 3 years. These seem like a good option.

I can see myself wearing these with some raw denim jeans. Going to a polo match or to the track.

These would look great with some baggy jeans at a really casual club. I’d wear these with shorts to an outdoor thing like a Cherry Beach party.

Sometimes everything is in the laundry and I have to wear two mismatched socks. High-tops are a good way to hide your craziness. Yes, you might feel off but at least no one’s laughing at your feet when you take your shoes off at the office. Okay yes, we are still talking about me here.

I feel like these are really ugly. In a good way.

These are kinda old school 90’s high school chillout. Sittin’ on the front lawn and skipping gym. “Yo whaddup Matt? Got an extra smoke?”

These would be for sitting sitting on my front lawn NOW smoking and skipping chores. I think violet and aubergine are gonna be a big colour this fall.

Hm. How many pair of shoes is too many pairs of shoes for a guy?

Guys With iStyle?

So I often peruse Guys With iPhones but I tell people I’m on Ted all day watching environmental talks. Because the last few posts about the style carnage of Guys With iPhones received such a flurry of positive email, I think I’m going to make it a regular thing.

There is just too much men’s style carnage gold on this site. Such as this first one…

So this guy thinks he’s being all thrown together casual with his patterns. The non-chalante position of his hat, the accidental mixing of plaids and checker… The fact that he is setting up a self-portrait but oh shit, there’s a pillbug crawling up the wall at the exact same time he clicks the shutter. Oh, and then don’t forget how he threw in a simple Gucci belt to tone down the whole outfit. He looks like H&M barfed on him.

Where do you even get a tie like this? How do you even look at a tie like this in a store and know exactly what its goal is? And wouldn’t it look like a cricket paddle on the rack? I have a lot of questions.

So Tyler here is trying to be sexy. I get it: the shirtless shot, the demure hand in the pants, the bathroom lighting… It all alludes to fucking. Then I look at that roll of toilet paper and I think about his interior decorator mother finding his crunchy Kleenexes all over the counter in the morning. Is everyone from LA insufferable?

Some people praise Al Gore for his environmental advocacy but I praise this guy for being able to recycle his raver bedspread into a dinner jacket. And to think, he was going to toss that thing.

The t-shirt says it all: get me drunk until my eyes turn into X’s and then have your way with me. He is so hot, I would so barf rainbows.

He looks like the human equivalent of a tiny vagina.

And here is the human equivalant of a giant vagina.

More to come!


Eric Yahnker is a fucked up genius.

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