Pedaler Clothing

by sunnyfong

I’ve been thinking about buying a new bike so that I can bike to work starting in the summer. I will be doing a part-time development and grant writing gig apparently after my contract ends in May so there’s really no point in keeping my Metropass. But we’ll see because bikes seem to be crazy expensive these days. Not to mention a helmet, a proper lock and maintenance. But it will encourage me to add more exercise to my life. The fashion possibilities seem to be dismal though. I’m not big on athletic wear unless I go to the gym. And even at the YMCA, I wear a $1 t-shirt and sweatshorts. Cyclist clothing usually looks ridiculous to me. Until I found Pedaler

Pedaler specializes in unique American-made cyclist clothing and accessories. Their focus is on durability but with a stylish twist. Blending streetwear with functionality, Pedaler seems like an attractive choice for the urban cyclist that’s not into spandex shorts (me).

All clothing is unisex and the prices don’t scare me as much as bike prices scare me.