Animal House

by sunnyfong

My mom has stopped wearing her fur coats in the winter but only because she keeps getting yelled at by strangers when we go out. Plus, all the rabid PETA people out and about, it’s just not worth the risks. I can’t even imagine how ballistic I would get if my mom was pelted with something. I’m not into fur but I’m into moms. Anyway, I was super disappointed in the supposed overabundance of fur during Toronto Fashion Week (yawn). Aren’t we past all that? It’s just so excessive and kinda creepy. I say this but I have rabbit-lined leather gloves sitting on my desk right now.

Speaking of creepy, I stumbled upon RP/Encore recently:

RP/Encore is an accessories line made out of “found” animal parts. Not for everyone but at least it’s making a statement about recycling.

Ionno. Call me when there’s a rat face g-string.

All creatures used are apparently victims of road kill, pest control and natural death. Wonder what PETA thinks of this?