Back on the scene…

by sunnyfong

God, it has been such a busy few weeks. Yours truly finally turned 20: one year over the legal drinking age in Canada. And I’m none the wiser. *cough*
Images Festival is finally over and I’m super proud of all the work that was put into it. I think it was the best festival yet! I finally planned out a few trips and I recently got accepted into a leadership program affiliated with the United Nations. So this fag will be flying to Italy for a few weeks. Just had a gallery show for the kiddies I work with. And on top of working full-time, Pedestrian Sunday for the Leslieville/Riverside District is hopefully developing into a real summer event.
Busy busy busy. All of this just makes me want to sit down (on a Nelson bench).

How about a Nelson bench completely constructed out of Lego?