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Month: April, 2010

Gays in the Military

Just in time for the demise of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.



What a hottie, eh?
I’m sad I missed Asian Xpress, Toronto’s only gasian party. No events listed till Pride so I’ll have to wait till July to find myself a gross older white guy to buy me drinks.

17075 Planes

Florsheim by Duckie Brown

Remember when your dad took you to Floresheim? And he would look at all the shoes in there and decide “who in their right mind would pay $300 for a pair of wing-tips?” But then the next month you take a trip to Eaton Centre, he goes in there again? And Mom turns to me, “I think we’ll go to The Bay and leave your father alone.” Okay, maybe it was just my dad. But he loved his Florsheims. It was sort of the ultimate Toronto store to go to for shoes in the 80’s, equivalent to going to Harry Rosen for a suit.

Now the original Florsheim store belongs to Swarovski (snoozers). So it was nice to see that last year, Duckie Brown was asked to design a line for Florsheim.

I tried on these green shoes and had them in my shopping basket but put them back as they were a little pricey.

I know they’re not for everyone but I like these two-toned shoes. Something very unique about the whole line despite its unconventional colours and shapes.

I ended up getting a pair of these in a deep red (not pictured). Summer will be an interesting season for shoes.

Saltines, onions, spicy mustard and American cheddar

Polynesian Tourbus


Do I keep these Hugo Boss shoes or give them to my father?

Sunny is back!

With clothes in tow!

Speaking of poo, I have to clean a week’s worth of bird shit on my porch. I will report back on all the carnage I experienced in New York for the last 5 days…

There’s no telling where the money went

Animal House

My mom has stopped wearing her fur coats in the winter but only because she keeps getting yelled at by strangers when we go out. Plus, all the rabid PETA people out and about, it’s just not worth the risks. I can’t even imagine how ballistic I would get if my mom was pelted with something. I’m not into fur but I’m into moms. Anyway, I was super disappointed in the supposed overabundance of fur during Toronto Fashion Week (yawn). Aren’t we past all that? It’s just so excessive and kinda creepy. I say this but I have rabbit-lined leather gloves sitting on my desk right now.

Speaking of creepy, I stumbled upon RP/Encore recently:

RP/Encore is an accessories line made out of “found” animal parts. Not for everyone but at least it’s making a statement about recycling.

Ionno. Call me when there’s a rat face g-string.

All creatures used are apparently victims of road kill, pest control and natural death. Wonder what PETA thinks of this?

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