On the Sartorialist (one more time)

by sunnyfong

This photograph deserves its own post. The elegance of this man cannot be defined. The extra long cashmere coat for a cold day shows that he is sensible. His grooming is impeccable so he cares about looking his best when he steps out. His shoes are trendy but worn-in. The larger pant cuff and the baggier silhouette shows that he’s not afraid to be eccentric. The colour palette (or lack of) is daring, sophisticated and fresh. His demeanor is casual but focused. This man has places to go. I’m not even sure what era this is from. Is this an older image he posted for inspiration?

This is one of those images that is what makes Scott Schuman such a great photographer. He has a great eye for style while puting his readers in the position of a voyeur. I enjoy his photos the most when it’s just a passerby. It’s fleeting but joyous.

Would you walk up to this man to ask him to take his photo? Or would you just stand in awe? Disrupting his day would be disrupting the universe. The photo speaks for itself.