On the Sartorialist again

by sunnyfong

Some people lambaste plastic surgery and Botox but look at how many years it shaved off Fran Leibowitz.

It’s the lovechild of Stephen Colbert and Bjork.

Absolute perfection. What’s his number?

I love my people and will always back my brothers up, but I’m not feeling this. The colour of the jacket, the “matching” pocket square, the seams on the jeans, the belt, the mock turtleneck, the black belt, the Don Johnson hair, the gloves… Nice phone though.

I bet his name is Dale. I bet he knows how to fish. I bet he smells like bourbon and cedar all the time. I bet he says FILTHY things in bed. His socks look like my aunt Amy’s socks at family reunions.

Style isn’t always about clothing and accessories. This guy looks great with less than a yard of fabric on him. I say this guy should let it all hang out. Everything about this image is perfect. A coconut drink, some wet feet on a hot deck and one of the most beautiful bodies I’ve seen in a long time. I wonder what he’s thinking?