On The Sartorialist

by sunnyfong

You all know how much I’ve always enjoyed The Sartorialst. And really, it’s the only street fashion blog I read. I rarely check the other ones mostly because I’ve been checking The Sartorialist since the beginning. Fuck, I don’t even read or update my own anymore because frankly, it’s too much work and effort to scour the streets. And having a full-time job doesn’t exactly allow a lot of time to shoot in the day. But he still does a great job at capturing interesting characters, mostly insiders and the traffic surrounding the various fashion weeks. I do miss more of the actual street stuff though and I hope he will stray a little more away from the venues.

Not only do I only check The Sartorialist, I only look at the men. I might look at a chick here and there wearing something absolutely ridiculous but typically, they get the ol’ scroll-by.

Thought I’d comment on a few posts from the last few winter months…

Baldy’s buddy’s bag is pretty nice. I feel like this guy is too smart to be decked out in so many trends. The cuffs of his chambray are peeking out too specifically. I like his subdued blazer but the ankles are just too much. The tucked in shirt irks me, not sure why. He looks contrived. Can a guy can be overly put together?

The answer is yes. This guy looks like he’d be pretty cute and easy going but the outfit just makes me think that his house would smell like mouse poo and on your first date, he’d order one too many Chardonnays.

This guy is clean and well-dressed but he isn’t wearing anything particularly special. But something about his attitude and personality caught The Sartorialist’s eye. Something tells me that under his perfect teeth, his perfect Vespa and perfect skin lies a textiles executive with the sexiest hairy thighs, a great tennis serve and the best smelling dick this side of Tuscany.

Not many guys can pull off a hot pink shirt, a pink and turquoise glen plaid jacket, a periwinkle pocket square, sandblasted denim and round-toed bedazzled boots. If you find a photo of a guy who can, please email me at sunnydark33@gmail.com.

Jack Black’s lookin’ great these days.

[whispers]Mary Reilly…[/whispers]
But seriously, I’ll have to admit that this dood does exude serious cool. See? I can be down with androgyny.

Every time I see a photo of Hamish Bowles, it’s as if Jonathan Taylor Thomas grew up to be my 3rd grade homeroom teacher.

More to come…