New Acquisitions

by sunnyfong

I got a really big tax return. $2817.37 to be exact. Putting $2000 in RRSPs and then the rest will go to renos and a little bit of spending money. Including some new shit I picked up recently….

I really love the fit of this shirt. Haight & Ashbury (Canadian!) makes these slim cut casual shirts that have silk lining around the collars and sleeves. Perfect for a sweaty day. I bought a few colours.

My old ones from 5 years ago went missing after a year. Just found them in a closet somewhere but oh well, now I have two pairs of slim flatfront chinos. I’ve been wearing them with my construction boots and I really dig the way they fall. For $29, I think I might get the black pair too.

Really inexpensive gray boots for fun. I’m all about boots on a summer evening.


Really, all this fashion talk is exhausting because I would trade all these items for this: