by sunnyfong

I’ve been trying to get into the pants of my very waify, very emaciated friend Mikey for like the last 8 years.

Alas, he only has a thing for Asian girls (still gonna try though) but he is the one heterosexual friend of mine who knows who Rei Kawakubo is.

I’ve also been pushing him to model for the last 8 years before he gets a beer belly. Here he looks completely anorexic and fucking hot:

Male models should always have the body of Bugs Bunny.

Anyway, he finally sends me a photo of him on some unidentified runway:

If he takes off, I’d like to think that I was the one who pushed him into it. If he ends up on coke and doing covers of local gay magazines, I had nothing to do with it.

Good luck, Mikey! Go out there and represent us waifs. Eat like a pig and gain nothing! Fuck all these buff boys! You’re our only hope.