Shoes Omg

by sunnyfong

Men in heels. Um.

From The Toronto Star:
“…Take Montrealer Cary Tauben, a stylist and fashion editor of Kill Magazine, Tauben attended the Jeremy Laing presentation at New York fashion week last month in the hipster attire of a grungy rock star – tight black jeans, leather jacket, and knit beanie hat over waist-length black hair. But on his feet, were a pair of European size 41 women’s high-heeled boots, a purchase from the fashion mecca of trendiness, Top Shop.

Tauben got hooked on heels a few years ago when he bought a pair from uber-cool New York boutique Opening Ceremony [now which of his irritating fruitfly friends told him this was okay?].

“I’ve never looked back. Now I rarely wear flat shoes, probably only on airplanes [what about when you’re roofing?],” he says.

Sales staff in the women’s shoe department didn’t flinch when Tauben tried on thigh-high Rodarte boots at the Barney’s Warehouse sale earlier that day.

“I think because of my overall style, they don’t second-guess me. They can tell I care about fancy shoes [Right, because Topshop is so fancy].”

This might sound a little homophobic but: what a bunch of faggots.