Reflecting on some Tommy Ton

by sunnyfong

I found a few of Tommy Ton’s recent posts interesting….

Not only is The Sartorialist in the background (blogger captures blogger: Bryant Park explodes), but he actually found my mom’s jacket that was stolen from the cleaners back in 1997.

I hate when my dark denim does this to my suede shoes. Tommy Ton questions whether this was on purpose or not. Interesting…

Forget Mr. Wrinkly Scrotum Scarf here (who btw looks like he just sharted) and keep your eyes on the hair on that Vietnamese jewelry store clerk in the background. Wow.

Clever? Tacky.

Tommy Ton makes this comment about how sometimes the bystanders of Fashion Week have a unique style too blah blah blah. What makes him assume this was a bystander? There were a few examples of this throughout his posts and really, we should be fair here: everyone at Fashion Week looks like a hot tranny mess equally.

Okay, time to drink.