John Varvatos Spring 2010

by sunnyfong

Howard Stern has been talking about wearing more John Varvatos stuff lately so I decided to take a look.
I’ll be heading to New York City in a few weeks to do some hardcore shopping so JV is definitely going to get a pitstop. I have a few pieces and they’re incredibly comfortable, stylish and simply American. I’m diggin’ the new arrivals for Spring 2010. Here are my favourites:

I really love this two-toned weekender made out of (gasp) 100% goat skin. The grey section is a very cool crinkle finish with leather trim.

I absolutely love the colour of this jacket. Goji berry (gasp) lambskin motorcross. Antique zippers. $800. For that money, this jacket better paint my house!

It’s interesting that both Ralph Lauren and JV did skull and crossbone cufflinks. Sterling silver with onyx eyes. Oooooooooooh…

Green chukka boots. Calf skin (gasp) with calf skin (gasp) lining. Antique eyelets and a stitched sole. That’s right: not glued. Stiched.

I think this is the It colour for a solid tie right now. A deep plum that doesn’t look too morbid.

Waxed cotton, pinstripe lining and a neat chevron detail. An updated classic.

Studded belt with a pewter buckle. Fancy. Too bad it’s a belt for your wrist. I rather this be a real belt. For some reason, I don’t wear bracelets anymore.