Not actually necessary

by sunnyfong

This spring weather is making me antsy. I wanna put that winter coat away soon. It also has me thinking about shopping. I checked out Need Supply’s site today and found some cool shit…

1000 Mile Boot. Super classic. Looks comfy too. I’m all about boots in nice weather. It’s not as impractical as you think. All these dirty feet shitheads with their flip flops and thong sandals. Yuck.

This shirt is either super cool or fucking obnoxious.

Two bags I really dig. I’m starting to think about cool shit I can get when I start cycling to work.

I have a thing about leather goods with a raw edge that’s a different colour.

I like the simplicity of this bag. It’s more classic than the usual Ben Sherman stuff.

What do y’all think about red shorts?

I don’t like anything about this outfit but I want him to get on top of me.

YIKES! On sale! Surprise, surprise.

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