Designers for Coca Cola

by sunnyfong

I recently saw a giant case of Christian Lacroix water at Winners for $30 and wondered why designers were branding through soft drink companies. Something just seems off about it. The bottles are never all that beautiful compared to the actual clothes or even the home lines. Maybe if they could change the shape of the bottles but then beverage brands would have a meltdown. I rather see more capsule collections or H&M or Target than Missoni lampshades. Do you find these Coke bottles fugly or is it just me?

What ever happened to Anna Molinari? She needs to make a comeback as the turquoise/blue and lobster red is going to be huge for Spring 2010. Also, where’s the leopard print?

I would feel ashamed carrying this horrid design by Versace. I would’ve went with the black and gold Medusa motif. Gianni is rolling in his grave, Donatella!

This one is the only passable one I think. At least it makes sense.

This is lacking gold or something. Moschino is known to be cheeky, pop art-ish and euro-trash. This looks like someone squatted over it and took a big wet shit on it.

Speaking of taking big wet shits, I have to get to work soon.