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Month: March, 2010

On the Sartorialist (one more time)

This photograph deserves its own post. The elegance of this man cannot be defined. The extra long cashmere coat for a cold day shows that he is sensible. His grooming is impeccable so he cares about looking his best when he steps out. His shoes are trendy but worn-in. The larger pant cuff and the baggier silhouette shows that he’s not afraid to be eccentric. The colour palette (or lack of) is daring, sophisticated and fresh. His demeanor is casual but focused. This man has places to go. I’m not even sure what era this is from. Is this an older image he posted for inspiration?

This is one of those images that is what makes Scott Schuman such a great photographer. He has a great eye for style while puting his readers in the position of a voyeur. I enjoy his photos the most when it’s just a passerby. It’s fleeting but joyous.

Would you walk up to this man to ask him to take his photo? Or would you just stand in awe? Disrupting his day would be disrupting the universe. The photo speaks for itself.


On the Sartorialist again

Some people lambaste plastic surgery and Botox but look at how many years it shaved off Fran Leibowitz.

It’s the lovechild of Stephen Colbert and Bjork.

Absolute perfection. What’s his number?

I love my people and will always back my brothers up, but I’m not feeling this. The colour of the jacket, the “matching” pocket square, the seams on the jeans, the belt, the mock turtleneck, the black belt, the Don Johnson hair, the gloves… Nice phone though.

I bet his name is Dale. I bet he knows how to fish. I bet he smells like bourbon and cedar all the time. I bet he says FILTHY things in bed. His socks look like my aunt Amy’s socks at family reunions.

Style isn’t always about clothing and accessories. This guy looks great with less than a yard of fabric on him. I say this guy should let it all hang out. Everything about this image is perfect. A coconut drink, some wet feet on a hot deck and one of the most beautiful bodies I’ve seen in a long time. I wonder what he’s thinking?

Window Seat

Fantastic new track and one-take video by Erykah Badu and ?uestlove.
I like watching the people in the background: some in shock, some trying to help, some just walking by like it’s nothing…

The simplicity of this video makes it so stylish and effective.

Surprised no one took out a camera phone.

Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh, is out this Tuesday.

A very important message

On The Sartorialist

You all know how much I’ve always enjoyed The Sartorialst. And really, it’s the only street fashion blog I read. I rarely check the other ones mostly because I’ve been checking The Sartorialist since the beginning. Fuck, I don’t even read or update my own anymore because frankly, it’s too much work and effort to scour the streets. And having a full-time job doesn’t exactly allow a lot of time to shoot in the day. But he still does a great job at capturing interesting characters, mostly insiders and the traffic surrounding the various fashion weeks. I do miss more of the actual street stuff though and I hope he will stray a little more away from the venues.

Not only do I only check The Sartorialist, I only look at the men. I might look at a chick here and there wearing something absolutely ridiculous but typically, they get the ol’ scroll-by.

Thought I’d comment on a few posts from the last few winter months…

Baldy’s buddy’s bag is pretty nice. I feel like this guy is too smart to be decked out in so many trends. The cuffs of his chambray are peeking out too specifically. I like his subdued blazer but the ankles are just too much. The tucked in shirt irks me, not sure why. He looks contrived. Can a guy can be overly put together?

The answer is yes. This guy looks like he’d be pretty cute and easy going but the outfit just makes me think that his house would smell like mouse poo and on your first date, he’d order one too many Chardonnays.

This guy is clean and well-dressed but he isn’t wearing anything particularly special. But something about his attitude and personality caught The Sartorialist’s eye. Something tells me that under his perfect teeth, his perfect Vespa and perfect skin lies a textiles executive with the sexiest hairy thighs, a great tennis serve and the best smelling dick this side of Tuscany.

Not many guys can pull off a hot pink shirt, a pink and turquoise glen plaid jacket, a periwinkle pocket square, sandblasted denim and round-toed bedazzled boots. If you find a photo of a guy who can, please email me at

Jack Black’s lookin’ great these days.

[whispers]Mary Reilly…[/whispers]
But seriously, I’ll have to admit that this dood does exude serious cool. See? I can be down with androgyny.

Every time I see a photo of Hamish Bowles, it’s as if Jonathan Taylor Thomas grew up to be my 3rd grade homeroom teacher.

More to come…

Places to go



Burberry Prosum Fall 2010

Just because it’s freezing today, I thought it would be a good time to laze around my room and peruse the Fall/Winter 2010 Collections.

Burberry has the blues it seems. The colours channel a dreary day in London: dapper but dark. Muted blues, pastels and light knits bring ease to the sharply cut trenches and serious carryalls. There’s a certain ambiguity to the aesthetic message: wearable but rock and roll.

I love the look and feel of this coat. A double lapel is a unique winter detail. A few years ago, I predicted the return of the backpack but in more classic materials such as canvas, supple leathers with heavy hardware. I sense a retail comeback for the utilitarian backpack in Fall 2010.

I’m not pale enough to wear this kind of red. You need a certain kind of contrast to pull this off. The colour definitely reminds me of this one particular Crayola crayon I used a lot as a kid. I particularly enjoy the choice of black buttons on the front. I tried on a cardigan with black buttons similar to this coat and I looked like a walking goji berry. The slim muted trousers are great. Love the canvas bag and the shoes too.

Ever since I was a child, I have been obsessed with trenches (sadly, I only own 1). Maybe because I used to ogle all the handsome businessmen on Bay Street wearing them on their lunch breaks. My mother was known for making the best spring rolls so in the morning, we’d go downtown to deliver them to various office buildings. I had a great time playing in the lobbies, acting all adorable around the secretaries and checking out the many many many hot office men in suits, walking around with their manly packages and shiny wingtips. I miss being a kid.

This is an odd addition to the collection. The layering and draping is very Lanvin. I feel like it doesn’t belong. He should’ve thrown a trench over this to complete the look. It has a scrotal feel to it. I love balls so I like this.

Easy there, tiger. It’s a fashion show, not an eye exam. Lighten up!

More to come…


I’ve been trying to get into the pants of my very waify, very emaciated friend Mikey for like the last 8 years.

Alas, he only has a thing for Asian girls (still gonna try though) but he is the one heterosexual friend of mine who knows who Rei Kawakubo is.

I’ve also been pushing him to model for the last 8 years before he gets a beer belly. Here he looks completely anorexic and fucking hot:

Male models should always have the body of Bugs Bunny.

Anyway, he finally sends me a photo of him on some unidentified runway:

If he takes off, I’d like to think that I was the one who pushed him into it. If he ends up on coke and doing covers of local gay magazines, I had nothing to do with it.

Good luck, Mikey! Go out there and represent us waifs. Eat like a pig and gain nothing! Fuck all these buff boys! You’re our only hope.

Good Morning


Fat bunny


Kanye at Louis Vuitton

Cut it out



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