by sunnyfong

If you’re a big New Order or Joy Division fan, this is a documentary you should go see.

I found there were a little too much montage utilized to tie in the lyrics with the interviews. It got shticky at a point but then again, this is the director’s style. But it was informative, enlightening and emotionally-driven. Outright funny at points.

I guess I forgot to mention that I was invited and officially voted in to be on the Board of Directors for the Images Festival. Yay me. And I will soon also be officially blogging for Toronto’s best festival for new media, independent film/video and installation. Coming soon.

Totally forgot to plug this film but we did screen this last night as part of Images Festival’s fundraising efforts. We had a very good turnout and I hope to see let all of you know of more hip happening events we will be putting on.

See trailer for Joy Division here.