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Month: February, 2010

Awesome With My Life

Thought I’d give this video a plug since I enjoyed it so much. Awesome With My Life by Brother and Sister.


I love Ian Ziering but…

B.A.G.’s got it in the bag.

Brian Austin Green showing off cool moves. Hot.

Witty Post Title Involving Fruit and Shoes

Yuck. I love strawberries but these just don’t work. They remind me of something an art supply teacher would wear.

I’m allergic to kiwis but these are actually pretty chic. Very Paul Smith.

Go Canada go!

In the spirit of the Vancouver Olympics, I thought I’d share with you Chanel’s ridiculous(ly fabulous) sportswear line expansion for 2010. That’s right, it’s not just 30K snowboards and black and white goggles for the Sundance glitterati anymore. Now they have everything from fishing gear to surfboards to inline skates. Behold, the ultimate display of luxury consumerism…

How genius is this? Quilted skis to match the iconic purses.

I can see T-Pain sportin’ these.

What self-respecting male golfer or lesbian would carry these?

Prevent your skull from being fractured in complete style.

Is this that paddle that fratboys hit each other with? Or is this an oar? Can you tell I’m not sporty?

Whites only!

For those who don’t consider the black one faggoty enough…

Iman overboard! Okay, that was horrible..

I’m also unsure what this is. And why are the balls see-through? Maybe it’s a projector that projects grid balls flying at you or something.

Isn’t it pointless to make a crotchless cup?

These are so ugly. I want them.

This says “over-the-hill and unashamed!”

These will really help you get noticed at the gym.


80’s is the new 90’s is the new 70’s is the new 80’s

How hot are those shoes? They look like Lanvin.

Great chair

I hate these kinds of chairs. They’re uncomfortable, trashy and clunky. I hate sitting in them in shitty unironic bars (yes, I go to a lot of shitty scuzzy bars), I hate sitting in them at my uncle’s house (because he used to work at a shitty bar) and I hate that the Drake Hotel’s restaurant (not a shitty bar) used to have these in their main dining area. Don’t charge me $49 for a surf ‘n’ turf and make me sit in one of these. It’s just such a shitty shitty shitty chair.

But I do like this one.

Get out of here

Every season, there are always a few contenders for the most Seinfeld shirt/outfit. This look from Riccardo Tisci’s Fall 2010 Collection for Givenchy is pretty close.

Lady Tiger

I am so embarrassed to find a video of me coming out to my parents online.

Guys With Style?

Another looksee of Guys With iPhones…

The Good

I just think that it’s nice that someone else knows what Butt Magazine is.

Plain t-shirt, great watch, attitude. Points off if those glasses are fake.

Normally, I’d make fun of this but what can I say? 18 year-old bottom boy who keeps his heels on when he’s getting pummeled. He went for a look and achieved it.

College t-shirts are so American Eagle. Real high school t-shirts are totally fabulous.

How to wear a plaid shirt. Absolutely perfect.

Look at you, Mr. Chic! I’d definitely hire you to file.

The Bad

This is the quintessential “I just came out” outfit: inappropriate flip flops, a patterned t-shirt, girls jeans, giant diva sunglasses and a murse. He’s ready to get fuuuuucked.

Who started this scarf thing? No really, who? Who told teenagers and over-the-hill Spanish visual merchandisers that it was okay to wear a frilly scarf like that? People who wear these scarves like this act like it’s a fucking Birkin. Meanwhile, it’s what, 3 for $10 in Chinatown? Kaffiyah-esque scarves are the new pashmina.

Accessories for accessories’ sake? Douche.

“Oh, I got this one in Nepal when I backpacked with Ziggy. And I got this one in Morocco right before I got crabs….”
He’s the posterboy for unemployment insurance.

Some woman in China is having multiple surgeries to look like Jessica Alba. I wonder if he realizes he’s one turned hat away from Mickey.

Nice try, Brent.

Yes, the only girls who would voluntarily fuck you are in Southeast Asia. We get it.

And the ugly

All is full of love

Robots in love by Spike Jonze.

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