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Month: January, 2010

Who can afford this?

Last year, I posted a few pics of Karl Lagerfeld’s lair because I was fascinated by what kind of home a genius like him would live in.

Can you guess which designer lived in this little London townhouse? I say “lived” because it was on the market last spring for 8.5 mill:

This is the suits room in his flagship store:

$2900 for a floor suit and starting at $5000 for a customized suit.
Something tells me I should go into fashion? Oh wait, apparently I have already from looking at all the messages I get about Reject Runway.

Anyway, I’ll post the answer tomorrow….


Apple Something Something Something launched today

I don’t even know what the new Apple IJizz or Podface is but I feel like I should maintain my relevancy by just posting a photo of it.
Unless this is a phone or something? Touchbook? AppCrap? MyPhone?

My fingers are too funny to even type on an iPhone.
God, I’m so old.

And they’re in effect!

I realize that this meme is old news but maybe you haven’t seen this:


Makin’ sense of Makin Jan Ma’s Spring 2010 Collection

Either I’m not hip enough or child’s birthday party chic is de rigeur.

Cute shirt.

I think my mom had these pants in the early 80’s. And I am almost positive a supply teacher had that shirt.

I’m unsure what this is all about. Jackie O. meets Stephen Dorff?

That’s a fan-fucking-tastic jacket though. I’d hit it.

*screams* Yikes, you scared me there.

It’s all super interesting, I’ll give it that.

Never gets old…

“Perfect Casting”

So my balls have already fallen off from watching the commercial. So I guess my manhood is next.

“The tonality of the brand.”

God hates fags but loves fashion

Amen to that.


So was this a just some viral video created by a few Ray-Ban execs?


CWE’s Picks of Picks

I was perusing an article about top picks from fancy shmancy stores such as Bergdorf’s and Neiman’s. I thought I’d weed through it and share my top picks of the top picks. I would even go as far as saying that a lot of this stuff can be utilized right through the spring months.

I thought these muted linen pocket squares by Paul Smith (I think) are gorgeous. They’re just so subtle. the problem with pocket squares is that most guys, especially finance dudes, choose ones that look more like a magician’s hankerchief than a sartorial accent. These three are perfect for any grey suit. Not blowing my nose on these, I’ll tell you that.

I recently found this kind of shirt at Zellers for about $10 but since I’ve been scolded by many friends to stop buying sweatpants, I put it back. Now that I look at this John Varvatos crewneck sweatshirt, I’m regretting my decision. And I’m not paying $300 for a sweatshirt. I was predicting the comeback of the crewneck last year (perfect under a vintage denim jacket on a nice spring day) so I think I’m gonna make a return trip to Zellers today.

This Jack Spade weekender makes me want to go to New York for a weekend to buy this weekender but then I’d need a weekender to take with me on the weekend to buy this weekender… Booking plane tickets for April 22!

I’ve been noticing more guys on the train wearing Timberland shoes and I’ll have to say, with the right outfit, they look pretty fucking cool. I especially like these basic winter boots in a rounded toe. It actually looks classic.

I predicted the chambray a few years back. And I think it’s going to be the new skinny jean this year. I like this one though. I have a chambray from highschool that I absolutely love and it’s worn to shit. So I think I might get myself a new one that’s rough looking but still dark in colour.

This has always been my dream scarf. I already have a couple of Burberry scarves so it’s not like I absolutely need one. But if I could have one fashion item from the retail genie right now, I’d ask for this. I was at a friend’s wine cellar last weekend and Rob walked in sporting this. His wife told me it was a gift and I said “whoa, she’s a keeper.” And I’m very sad that no one told me that a Burberry store opened up in Toronto. Very sad.

Alright, I can’t afford anything right now so I’m puttin’ on my coat to go to Zellers. Wish me luck.

Joel McHale

Does anyone else want to marry Joel McHale from Talk Soup and Community? He always looks great and has a great sense of humour.

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