Ralph Lauren woes continue…

by sunnyfong

I am back to civilization from 2 days of hoedowning, stuffing my face and boozing. And I’m pleased to find that the Ralph Lauren saga that I blogged about in November continues.

Check it out!

Check out the pathetic letter here sent by Demi Moore’s people to Boing Boing. The agency and the photographers also give their 2 cents.

From Boing Boing:
The letter from Moore’s attorney, Martin D. (“Marty”) Singer, claims that we set out to slander Moore (Boing Boing did not, nor did Mr. Citrano). The letter also includes denials from people involved in the production of the W Magazine cover who insist that the image was not manipulated at all.

Since receiving this letter, we have discovered that an alternate, and seemingly more anatomically correct version of the W magazine cover (with more hip-flesh) was published in W’s South Korean edition. We have also been informed that Ms. Moore’s attorneys have sent similar letters to other blogs that discussed the possible digital alteration of the US cover image. The story is now being covered by a number of other news organizations and blogs.

Boing Boing’s lawyer responds back.

*sits back with popcorn*