Man Bags

by sunnyfong

My grandpa’s bag that I love carrying for work

I’ve noticed that there is an increase of men on the street and at the gym carrying nicer bags. I have tendinitis so I try not to carry my bag too much and just go with the murse. But even that hurts my scoliosis-ridden back sometimes. Aside from health factors, I just don’t like the man bag all that much. It’s one of those things that is stylish in theory but rarely can someone pull off (unless you’re Bryanboy).

As for women, don’t even get me started with these monstrosities:

Maybe because I find that most men choose the wrong kind of weekenders or duffels. But the right bag can turn a guy into a sophisticated stud or a try-hard lameass poser. Par example:
Buddy over her with his ridiculous 63K Hermès Boy Birkin. LAME.

I did a little reading and found a few that I quite enjoy:

Gorgeous leather Jack Spade duffel. Perfect for a long weekend.

And for a shorter overnight conference, this Jack Spade canvas bag is perfect. It’s a little dull but who gives a fuck.

I’m not sure where this bag is from but I want it.

For those who are a little more rock and roll (British, not Bon Jovi), this Paul Smith limited edition bag is perfect.

Dolce and Gabbana surprisingly makes some very versatile accessories. This bag is surprisingly sophisticated and subdued. Sequined pants not included.

I like the odd design of the handle on this Peroni bag.

For those weekends in the country or a meeting in the city, this Il Bisonte bag is super. I like the preppy colours. It also comes with a $1200 price tag.

But this is my favourite bag of all. Available for pre-order at Opening Ceremony.