H&M Spring 2010 Preview

by sunnyfong

Items from the new Jimmy Choo for H&M collection shown above

H&M is definitely the most affordable place to your style fix. From cashmere to socks, there’s something for every budget. I bought organic cotton shorts for the beach for $5. A hoodie for $5. Henleys for $9. And dress shirts for $10. You just can’t beat that. And surprisingly, all these items were made in Germany, not Vietnam or China.

They hire great designers and there are so many different labels to choose from. I can always find something there to buy so I tend to avoid going in unless I have some extra cash in my wallet. The quality of some of the stuff isn’t as low as people exclaim to be. I have three merino sweaters that have stood the test of time. They look much better than my expensive cashmere sweaters. I even love my H&M seersucker blazer. Everyone thinks it’s from J. Crew or Ralph Lauren. The only thing I avoid at H&M are the blue jeans. Low quality and cheap looking. But the coloured denim is well made. durable and the colour stays bright even after multiple washings.

American classic and emo rave is still prominent but being a trendsetter, H&M isn’t just going to stick with what sells. The secret to their success is branding confidence. They sell the most outrageous pants next to the classic trousers you want for that job interview. They will produce a horribly tacky collection by Madonna next to a must-have little black dress. They have the gumption and take the risk to combine fashion forward with affordable ready-to-wear. Confidence is what’s keeping H&M sales up and the brand as hot as ever.

H&M seems to be moving into a different direction for 2010. Inspired by The Sartorliast (IMO), the pieces seem lighter, more colourful and less 80’s. Leave the bright neon graphics for the clubs. Spring is about European style: Italian details, Swedish sensibilities and French dandyism.
Here is a Spring 2010 Men’s Collection preview:

I love this khaki jacket, especially the lines on the shoulder. Looks great with the red jeans.

Can’t touch this outfit.

Beautiful colour for a spring leather jacket. And I like the accessories on his left hand.

And of course, every man should own a great classic trench like this one. And there’s something really preppy about the colours of that cardigan. Could be a wardrobe reject from The Royal Tenenbaums. Window plaid was big in Europe last spring and I think we’re going to see it more and more throughout 2010. I think this model pulls it off well. And notice the return of the pointed boot? Slick is creeping back in. Is the fashion world getting tired of the boat shoe?

I’m going to make banana muffins now… Goodnight everyone!