J. Crew Spring 2010 Preview

by sunnyfong

Thought I’d share a few Spring 2010 looks by Frank Muytjens, J. Crew’s Menswear Designer. J. Crew is the ultimate brand for accessible American style. But every once in a while, they do throw in a completely superfluous luxury collaboration. I think their menswear sensibilities are heading in the right direction. Here are a few looks that I thought were interesting…

This is a different take on the navy suit. Not only is it a slim cut suit, it’s in an unconventional colour. Not too stuffy, not too casual: the perfect in-between blue. The wool is blended with a mohair to give it a bit of a lustre but not a sheen. I’m not into the no socks things though. I have a slight foot fetish but I mean, I do like a pair of clean feet. Sweaty toe-jam ridden footsies are gross. No ifs, ands or buts.
I’d also like to veto the chambray shirt. A more subtle flannel shirt might work but denim just doesn’t work in my eyes.

This is how you should wear a chambray shirt. I really like the idea of a subtle white sweater that looks as appropriate in the winter as it does on a brisk spring night. This shirt is obviously inspired by grandfather chic but looks completely modern and fitted. Totally classic and masculine. No cigar needed. I believe it might be a web-only exclusive.

I remember I had a bright red chambray shirt when I was in junior high. My mother loves to wear it now to garden. Let’s just say that if I owned this shirt, my mother would have to fight me for it. I want this shirt! This is an example of how to wear colour properly. What a great cut on those jeans too. I tried to order those shoes but the colour I wanted (grey) wasn’t on sale. Too bad, so sad.

What do people think about denim and denim? Having one item contrast the other item is the way to wear it. A great distressed brown belt helps and brown shoes completes the look. Avoid cowboy boots unless you want to look like Antonio Banderas. Or a shithead.

You can check out J. Crew’s current holiday sale here.

More Spring 2010 retail previews coming…