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Month: December, 2009

Happy 2010!

I’ll be spending my new year’s eve in my underwear, up in Tiny Township.

Here’s to a new year of fashion, style carnage, new ridiculous trends, nasty celebrities and internet memes!

See ya Toronto!



My body is a cage

Ralph Lauren woes continue…

I am back to civilization from 2 days of hoedowning, stuffing my face and boozing. And I’m pleased to find that the Ralph Lauren saga that I blogged about in November continues.

Check it out!

Check out the pathetic letter here sent by Demi Moore’s people to Boing Boing. The agency and the photographers also give their 2 cents.

From Boing Boing:
The letter from Moore’s attorney, Martin D. (“Marty”) Singer, claims that we set out to slander Moore (Boing Boing did not, nor did Mr. Citrano). The letter also includes denials from people involved in the production of the W Magazine cover who insist that the image was not manipulated at all.

Since receiving this letter, we have discovered that an alternate, and seemingly more anatomically correct version of the W magazine cover (with more hip-flesh) was published in W’s South Korean edition. We have also been informed that Ms. Moore’s attorneys have sent similar letters to other blogs that discussed the possible digital alteration of the US cover image. The story is now being covered by a number of other news organizations and blogs.

Boing Boing’s lawyer responds back.

*sits back with popcorn*

Look out Christmas, here I come!

Going to the country for a 2-day Christmas bonanza!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Man Bags

My grandpa’s bag that I love carrying for work

I’ve noticed that there is an increase of men on the street and at the gym carrying nicer bags. I have tendinitis so I try not to carry my bag too much and just go with the murse. But even that hurts my scoliosis-ridden back sometimes. Aside from health factors, I just don’t like the man bag all that much. It’s one of those things that is stylish in theory but rarely can someone pull off (unless you’re Bryanboy).

As for women, don’t even get me started with these monstrosities:

Maybe because I find that most men choose the wrong kind of weekenders or duffels. But the right bag can turn a guy into a sophisticated stud or a try-hard lameass poser. Par example:
Buddy over her with his ridiculous 63K Hermès Boy Birkin. LAME.

I did a little reading and found a few that I quite enjoy:

Gorgeous leather Jack Spade duffel. Perfect for a long weekend.

And for a shorter overnight conference, this Jack Spade canvas bag is perfect. It’s a little dull but who gives a fuck.

I’m not sure where this bag is from but I want it.

For those who are a little more rock and roll (British, not Bon Jovi), this Paul Smith limited edition bag is perfect.

Dolce and Gabbana surprisingly makes some very versatile accessories. This bag is surprisingly sophisticated and subdued. Sequined pants not included.

I like the odd design of the handle on this Peroni bag.

For those weekends in the country or a meeting in the city, this Il Bisonte bag is super. I like the preppy colours. It also comes with a $1200 price tag.

But this is my favourite bag of all. Available for pre-order at Opening Ceremony.


Early Bird Special

At least this kid got paid to ingest an old man’s saliva. And he’s getting vital nutrients for the betterment of his health.
What do I get from ingesting old men’s saliva? 2 AM phonecalls and constant requests to “neck.”

Stop calling, Walter! I told you it was only a one-time thing!

My ongoing obsession…

…with Empire of the Sun:

Madonna for Dolce and Gabbana

A sneak preview of Dolce Gabbana’s new campaign featuring Madonna:

Inspired by Italian cinema, Madonna is depicted as a sexy Milanese homemaker. I think she looks super sexy and this is a side of Steven Klein that I’ve never seen. Also, the clothes are incredibly Italian, something I love about Dolce & Gabbana’s collections. They tap into that old world sensibility to dressing but inject a lot of fetish, sex and edginess into the pieces. I’m glad she’s tapping into her Italian roots. I think Madonna looks best in D&G. None of this LV bunny ear, Versace goddess crap.

Common Sort

Found yet another great store near my office. Right across the street is a small little shop where the staff handpick and “refurbish” vintage clothing. They also have a great collection of accessories such as interesting clutches, scarves, men’s shoes and hats. A very small men’s section but it just makes the thrill of the find even better. They even promised to call me if a vintage chambray shirt ever came in.

Scored beige suede bucks for $16. Never worn, totally from the 80’s.

And they threw in a pair of cute pair of plaid earmuffs for $5.

My new favourite vintage store: Common Sort.

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