Guys With No Taste

by sunnyfong

I’ve been perusing Guys With iPhones lately (NSFW btw) and aside from some of the obvious eye candy, I’m also noticing the style of the subjects. Yes, I’m the guy that looks around the giant erection and checks out the colour of the bathroom towels or the tiling. Thought I’d share some images with my lovely readers:

I love guys in yellow and black Fred Perry polos. And those are pants have a great subtle print.

What a fantastic coat.

Look at this little Environmental Sciences major in his little vintage sweater and tight jeans. He’s smart, cracks a great joke every once in a while and turns off all the lights when he’s not home. Attention-whoring is his only flaw. *sigh*

This guy is super styling but these glasses have got to go.

I kinda like this shirt and the way he has his sleeves rolled up.


I don’t know what’s worst: poppy wallpaper trim or a purple 5-button vest with a matching tie?

Getting a tramp stamp is bad enough but…

Who gave this web designer a Fred Segal credit card?

This guy is so heterosexual, it hurts. I don’t know whether if I want to sleep with him or sleep with him.

Females LOVE gay men. When a girl starts blabbering on and on about how stylish and sensitive gay men are, she definitely has these two in her mind.

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