Let it snow, let it snow!

by sunnyfong

I guess living in Canada has its advantages and disadvantages. We get beautiful snowfalls and there are certain weeks during the winter in which everything is crisp and quiet at night. Walking out to find a beautiful, not-so-cold Friday night can be a great experience before ending up at a cozy pub for a night out with friends by a fireplace. Nothing like a great pint of Guinness and conversation while the snowflakes twinkle under the streetlights.

But a Toronto winter can also be a huge bitch and without the right thermal stuff or Gore-tex, one is literally left in the cold. Sometimes style is not a priority when your nose is falling off and the weeks drag on. But sometimes a hot outfit can bring some heat on a gloomy 30 below day. That is why I love this collection.

This will be my wardrobe for Winter 2009/2010. Burberry Burberry Burberry.

  • Black and white
  • Two tone coats
  • Monochromatic pairing
  • Sharp Beatles-inspired boots and silhouettes
  • Great chunky scarves
  • Buttoned all-the-way up dress shirts
  • Small rounded collars
  • Gentleman’s caps
  • Sharp tailored pants
  • Tucked in shirts
  • A little fun with logos and tartans

And I don’t even have to buy anything as I realized that I have everything I need. You name it.

Things I won’t be doing though:

  • Fair Isle (yuck)
  • Corduroy
  • Velour jackets
  • Bows
  • Brown coats with a black collar or trim.

I know I already previewed this collection when it came out (as collections for Fall/Winter are shown early in the year) but it’s not until the actual seasons begin that I start getting excited about the clothes. So more winter must-haves to come!