Shaving in style…

by sunnyfong

After years of trying out different razors and various creams, I’m now using free Schick women’s blades (only thing female about them is that they’re REALLY pink) that I got in my Fashion Week loot bag and generic brand razors that cost $5 for a pack of 15.

They work just as fine and last just as long. What is with blades costing $20 – $30? No more. I don’t even use aftershave. It’s all a crock of shit.

HOWEVER, I am impressed by this cute little stylish limited edition Mach 3…

Don’t know why shaving has gone all athletic like they’re hocking Gatorade or selling a sportscar.

The classic gentleman has become an endangered species in advertising. Now it’s all 2000 blades and quick release formulas and high octane sprays. What ever happened to the good ol’ dandy 9-5er with the cute butt and the sensible loafers?

Anyway, I’m a Community Worker making a Community Worker’s salary so I’ll stick to my $5 razors (and $1000 suits).