Demi got the Ralph Lauren treatment?

by sunnyfong

And another thing…

I spent my entire life being a thin guy. I’ve been called everything from Doogie Howser to Skinny Minnie to Toothpick to Human Coatrack. I also spent most of my life trying to gain weight, crying over muscle magazines and searching for clothes that fit.

Now that I’m older and more into (wearing) fashion, I find myself feeling more secure with my body type especially when XS is now a more available option.

I like being thin! It’s just who I am and I can’t change this. I’ve since gained some weight from working out but not too much. I realized that I don’t want to gain any more weight. I can’t wear Neil Bartlett or rock and roll stuff if I bulk up. I am pretty confident as a waif. Thanks to Hedi Slimane and the hipster scene, thin will always be in. And I hope I’ll be thin until I’m well into my sixties. That’s when I’ll start not caring since I’ll be wearing big topcoats, sweaters and great suits. I look forward to living my early bird special years with the body of Bugs Bunny.There will come a time when I will definitely let myself go. No one to fucking impress anymore.

From the looks of W Magazine, Demi Moore has still got someone to impress (and it ain’t necessarily that That’s 70’s Show douche). Courtesy of Boing Boing, here is the latest cover disaster:

Notice how she’s missing a whole wedge out of her left leg.

I get it, you want cover models to be thin. I get it, thin is hot. I get it, certain clothes look extra good and sleek on a certain body proportion. But it’s not the Photochopping that I’m the most concerned with when I first saw this, it’s the rest of her body. I always considered Demi Moore to be a Madonna kind of fit. She always seemed super strong and solid to me. Not husky or Drew Barrymore-ish but strong. Good posture, great skin and smooth. Like a modern day Wonder Woman. Stoic like an army figurine.

But here, she looks gaunt and fried. She makes Donatella Versace look like Bar Refaeli.

Does W Magazine think this is attractive or are they conditioned by the beauty agenda? Who are they trying to attract? Who are they trying to appease even? NO ONE wants to look like this, do they? At least, no one without mental health issues. Did Demi approve this? Was Ralph Lauren asked to be a guest Art Director for the shoot?

I know it’s cliché but someone please call Naomi Wolf (Or Mary Brown’s)!