Art of the Trench

by sunnyfong

I saw this scarf last year and literally drooled over it as I tried it on. My friend was busy looking for a cashmere hat for her boyfriend while I just happily spent 10 minutes in front of the mirror, wondering what groceries I could sacrifice to get this scarf. But I snapped out of it since I have two Burberry scarves already. I think I would wear this whole outfit.

This photo is from a new joint collaboration by Burberry and The Sartorialist called Art of the Trench.

I’ve been checking his blog to see if he will post any photos from his Toronto visit but alas, it seems the only subject so far is Sarah Taylor from Muchmusic:

She looks healthy and sophisticated but I mean… Snoozers. The last time I saw her was at The Social. I was there to see Digitalism but I couldn’t pay attention to the band because she was with the most disgustingly scuzziest Vince Gallo lookalike I’ve ever seen. He had on a very low cut tank top and jeans that hugged his sweaty balls. And at one point, she got soooooo drunk, he basically had her unconscious against a wall, with her wrists in his hands and her eyes rolled back. He was throwing her around and basically making out with a corpse. I’ll have to say it made me kinda nauseous. Then he basically dragged her out of the club like a caveman and she was struggling, screaming and laughing at the same time.

But ya, she looks alright.

I love Burberry.

Update: a friend alerted me that Eugene Levy’s son is on the site too as a “random” shot. Booooooooooooooooooooooooo… I’m booing! It’s like asking Puck to do the next LV ad.