Paul Smith for Evian

by sunnyfong

Paul Smith is the latest designer to jump on the Evian design bandwagon.

Paul Smith has always been one of my favourites. As a teenager, I used to look at his clothes with such excitement. I remember flipping through Details (when it wasn’t a jerk off rag for straight metrosexuals and the men who secretly sleep with them), ogling the goldfish t-shirts and the printed dress shirts. But what I truly love about Paul Smith is that he doesn’t follow trends. He has maintained his English dandy aesthetics and continues to give his clothes a colourful eccentricity that no other designer does. He is the master of juxtaposition as his stuff can be worn by Pete Doherty as much as a Bay Street banker.

And of course, he designs the most exquisite suits. If I could choose one expensive suit to buy, I would go with a Paul Smith with a kick-ass lining.
Paul, I hate Evian but I still love you.