People In Need

by sunnyfong

I thought these ads by a non-profit were pretty clever and incredibly beautiful. Blah blah blah message blah blah blah materialism blah blah blah. consumerism blah blah blah charity.

Look at the amazing colours in the clothes.

Despite the dress having a bit of a Rami draping thing going on, it’s an amazing muted blue and it looks great with that plaid. Very Vivienne Westwood.

And don’t get me started on this amazing pose. The stare, the wrap and the baggy t-shirt. It screams confidence. I’d want this guy guiding me in the bushes and in the village bars.

What a super neat print for a pair of shorts. This should be the new madras. Frat boys will be all over this in 2011.

They’re slightly over-the-top but sophisticated at the same time. Well, I guess that’s the point. Not sure what you readers think about the usage of white guilt to push an organization’s agenda. I wonder how the impact would shift if the ads were executed without the figures. Does white guilt create a more powerful image? Does it make you question your consumption?

Regardless, I think we can agree that they’re much better than this ad:

Check out a similar concept for a music video by Sarah McLachlan.