by sunnyfong

So I’ve been following the style of African dandies for oever 10 years now. Working in a refugee program had its sartorial advantages as during our graduations, I got to witness some of those most exquisite and stylish clothes that I’ve ever seen from Sierre Leone, the Congo and Nigeria. I took every opportunity to chat with my clients about their clothing choices when we were on our breaks and a lot of the men I spoke to had the clothes handed down from them. Weaved shoes, Italian leather belts, French suits, antique watches… Often, I’d have to give some interview clothing workshops as I found the men didn’t dress appropriately for a Canadian job interview per se. But once they were on the job, I always encouraged them to throw a little of their own personality into the clothes. Hey, in a dull suit and tie world, what gets you noticed could land you that promotion.

Anyway, I found these amazing SAPE photographs by Francesco Giusti.

You can see the rest here.