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Month: November, 2009

White Lies

My new crush: Harry McVeigh from White Lies. I hate Kanye but I do like the hook from this song. And even better that he’s not singing it.

My favourite song off the new album.

Damn stylish band too.


More Guys With iPhones…

If they had saved all the time it took for them to get their hair done for this photo, they would have had enough to take a pottery class.

The colour of that tie is incredible. But again, the fake glasses have got to go.

This is my favourite guy on Guys With iPhones. I love his whole look.

Anne Heche over here is striking is best pose. Walt Disney is rolling in his grave.

If Lady Gaga took a shit, it would look like this.

If Imelda Marcos took a shit, it would look like this.

Tom Waits = King of Cool

I really love the new Tom Waits album cover. It has got this 80’s flavour to it that I’m totally into. Tom looks so fucking cool in that pork pie hat.
And he just doesn’t pussyfoot or bullshit around the album’s theme. It’s as literal as it can get.

Guys With No Taste

I’ve been perusing Guys With iPhones lately (NSFW btw) and aside from some of the obvious eye candy, I’m also noticing the style of the subjects. Yes, I’m the guy that looks around the giant erection and checks out the colour of the bathroom towels or the tiling. Thought I’d share some images with my lovely readers:

I love guys in yellow and black Fred Perry polos. And those are pants have a great subtle print.

What a fantastic coat.

Look at this little Environmental Sciences major in his little vintage sweater and tight jeans. He’s smart, cracks a great joke every once in a while and turns off all the lights when he’s not home. Attention-whoring is his only flaw. *sigh*

This guy is super styling but these glasses have got to go.

I kinda like this shirt and the way he has his sleeves rolled up.


I don’t know what’s worst: poppy wallpaper trim or a purple 5-button vest with a matching tie?

Getting a tramp stamp is bad enough but…

Who gave this web designer a Fred Segal credit card?

This guy is so heterosexual, it hurts. I don’t know whether if I want to sleep with him or sleep with him.

Females LOVE gay men. When a girl starts blabbering on and on about how stylish and sensitive gay men are, she definitely has these two in her mind.

More dicks here

Jack and Coke

Fashion site, fashion site, fashion site at lunch!

You know Mindy Kaling as writer, producer and actor extraordinaire from The Office.

But what you might not know is she also blogs and has a VERY difficult-to-navigate website called Things I Bought That I Love where she purges about her shopping habits.

There are some interesting things. And her sense of humour is apparent all over the site but ya, it doesn’t get updated very often, you can’t comment and it’s really hard on the eyes.

So I’m not sure why I’m giving it a plug…

As you were.

Diplo is hot

All these years, I had no idea that Diplo was white, hot and hot.

HD version:

Major Lazer “Keep it Going Louder” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Thanks to Chris for giving me a heads up. Now Nina Sky has been in my head for three days straight.

Michael Stipe for Maison Martin Margiela

I’ve always been a mild REM fan and enjoyed watching Michael Stipe’s journey into hipsterdom. From the early days of Vexed Generation ninja hoodies to the Courtney Love-inspired songs, Stipe has always made interesting choices. It’s not easy being a quirky guy living in the limelight. For the past 10 years, he has become somewhat of an art world darling. He has made enough mainstream hits to be one of the most beloved frontmen in music history but has also stayed under the celebrity radar enough to still respected by the fringe community. He’s one of few artists who can play stadiums but still hang with the cool kids.

And when you have an in with the art scene, the next logical step is the fashion world.

Not only did he star in Juergen Teller’s Marc Jacobs campaign, Stipe makes his rounds during Fashion Week each year.

In 2008, Stipe exhibited a few bronze sculptures in New York and it seems his metal work isn’t just for the galleries. In collaboration with Belgian label Maison Martin Margiela, Stipe has created a limited edition accessory to be sold at select stores. His design features a mini cassette with the unraveled tape as a chain. Only 199 pieces are available so all you Michael Stipe fans better move quick.

Don’t know about you but I’m not rushing out to Nordstrom’s to pick this up any time soon. I don’t even know what I think of it. I guess I don’t feel much. Blah.

What’s going on Michael Stipe? I think you can do better than this.

Okay, because I love REM so much, here are a few of my favourite clips:

My favourite REM song ever.

One of my favourite songs from the new album. Video By Vincent Moon.

Acoustic version.

And of course, me VERY drunk with my friend Adam at an REM/The National concert. This was right after I dropped a pizza slice out of my pocket without knowing (no joke).

God, I miss summer.

Vampire Weekend

My trench’s stench

I know I already have a black trench from Junk De Luxe but I really want this grey one too. The coating on my trench smells like chemicals and every time I put it on I can’t stop smelling it like bad milk. I feel like it’s going to give me cancer or something.

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