Keith Haring in Motion

by sunnyfong

For those big Keith Haring fans out there (I am certainly one of the more hardcore ones), check out an exclusive video of Into The Groove from what’s-her-face’s very very very successful Sticky and Sweet Tour.

Also, the Tate Modern has resurrected a makeshift Pop Shop, hocking Haring’s goodies. If anyone is going to London anytime soon, please let me know. I miss the New York store so much, it hurts.

Keith Haring and Madonna have always had a collaborative relationship. Even now from the dead. I think they’re both similar in many ways. Both are pop icons. Both did controversial work. Both are prolific. Both came out of the NYC art scene. Both are unforgiving talents.

I have this framed on my nightstand. And Madonna recently told Rolling Stone she had a print of this framed in her home.

I think I’m going to wear one of my many many many Keith Haring shirts tomorrow.