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Month: October, 2009

My very first scotch tasting

Men’s style isn’t just about clothing and accessories. I don’t just go to fashion shows and ironic bars to stay hip. Please. Toronto is a mecca for vapid events. Mostly corporate shindigs with the same ol’ marketing execs mingling with b-list celebrities and media. David, a Scotch Blog writer friend of mine, knowingly invited me to a Macallan event so that I could scoff about it online afterwards. He knows me so well!

Anyway, walking in to One at The Hazelton, I really didn’t know what to expect.

I mostly thought I was going to have a lot to snicker at. So you can understand my surprise when I found myself completely engrossed by this 2-hour Matchstick event. I found the whole thing to be sophisticated, informative and unpretentious. What have I become!!?? Optimistic? Joyous? Normal!!!!!??? The meds are working apparently.

This was the Macallan Ice Ball Press. You put a cube in and in 25 seconds, it turns it into a sphere (less surface area so it starts to melt after 20 minutes for those who like ice in their scotch). I want one (just to make ice balls for other drinks).

At first, it seemed like I was sitting back at work, enduring a staff meeting. But Marc Laverdiere, an Ambassador for Macallan, was amazingly entertaining, intelligent and engaging. I learned a lot about scotch.

Goodie bags included a leather keepsake box, two bottles of scotch, information cards and a pen. FREE BOOZE. You had me at “free.”


Mushroom tempura. They were amazing and I could’ve eaten 40 of them.

I have been drinking fine scotches for about 5 years now but never took the initiative to learn more about it. I know I like my single malt whisky neat or with a few drops of water (as suggested by Liz’s father), I also tend to prefer full-bodied scotches with a smoky flavour, not too spicy. Here are my amateur scotch notes scribbled in David’s Hugo Boss notebook (from left to right):

Macallan 12 – Nutmeg, gasoline, high tannins, not as sweet as I like it but has a sweet aftertaste

Macallan 15 – Sweet and smooth, light aftertaste, cilantro, smoky, vanilla, love it

Macallan 18 – Very spicy, syrupy but better viscosity than the 12… w/ a piece of dark 65% chocolate = bitter and even spicier

Macallan 21 – Not as sweet as all others, citrus rind, woody, not as spicy, smooth, best initial smell

After 8 scotches (the people in front of me didn’t show up), it was time to call it a night. First of all, it was extra stuffy and hot on the subway so I had already sweated through my cashmere. And second, this event was right after work so I was starving.

I’m going to take a trip to Wild Wings tonight so that I can have more of a balanced week.

Read an actual review here.


Keith Haring in Motion

For those big Keith Haring fans out there (I am certainly one of the more hardcore ones), check out an exclusive video of Into The Groove from what’s-her-face’s very very very successful Sticky and Sweet Tour.

Also, the Tate Modern has resurrected a makeshift Pop Shop, hocking Haring’s goodies. If anyone is going to London anytime soon, please let me know. I miss the New York store so much, it hurts.

Keith Haring and Madonna have always had a collaborative relationship. Even now from the dead. I think they’re both similar in many ways. Both are pop icons. Both did controversial work. Both are prolific. Both came out of the NYC art scene. Both are unforgiving talents.

I have this framed on my nightstand. And Madonna recently told Rolling Stone she had a print of this framed in her home.

I think I’m going to wear one of my many many many Keith Haring shirts tomorrow.

Balloon Boy’s Vomit

Karl’s Korner

Wait, or is this the Pope? I’m unsure now…

Brendan Lott

I found this amazing American painter that gets his work painted in China and then he sells it. Smart little shithead. Regardless of where it’s from, I love the paintings.

Gee, I wonder why.

Once, twice…

Not again!?

Didn’t Ralph and his team learn their lesson?

Muscle Parade

I apologize for the lack of prolific updates. I’ll have shots from Toronto Fashion Weak soon but right now, I’m busy working full-time (and weekends) at a new job. You’re looking at the new Child and Youth Services Coordinator for a nearby culture and community agency. I’m supervising placement students, student teachers, a nutrition program and various services. I’m very happy at this new job as I haven’t worked in a year due to a leave of absence other than a few photo gigs here and there.

Now that I have a real job, the first thing I do when I get home is lie down. And the second thing I want to do is to get naked and eat in bed with Howard Stern on. And the last thing I want to do is sit on my computer and blog about fashion carnage.

But the tenth thing I want to do is to play this amazing game very soon:

Here’s hoping.

Still haven’t found shoes yet…

Vinder and I went to the mall and looked at tons of shoes. I still can’t find a relatively cheap pair for the office. But I found some more shoes that I dig…

I’d wear these if someone bought them for me. Just cuz they’re so out there.

These are cute.

I really want a new pair of old combat boots to replace the ones I wore in high school.

I’m indifferent to these now.

I would love to have these. I think I would wear them every day. Even in the summer.

I like the stripes on this. It’s got this pop art kinda feel to them.

The quest continues…

Murakami vs. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst stars in the new short film by one of my favourite artists Takashi Murakami. I don’t think this is related to Louis Vuitton but moreso a short to be screened at the Tate Modern.

I absolutely love Murakami and always have so when he joined up with Marc Jacobs to do several lines for Louis Vuitton, it was a bit of a dream come true for me. It’s such a strange juxtaposition but in a lot of ways, the collaboration works. Who knew Superflat could bring some edge to luxury French accessories. But ever since these bags blew up, more ridiculous celebrities have been adding their two cents to Louis Vuitton’s brand. Some of it is just downright boring.
Like this piece of shit line of bling by Pharrell:

Ugh, I just got angry watching that clip. Let’s end this post on a high note: Takashi Murakami’s somewhat disturbing yet whimsical animated short for LV…

Superflat rules.

The first 20 seconds is amazing…

… and the rest of is amazing too.

I really don’t know why I posted this but I’m sure it’s relevant to men’s style carnage somehow.

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