John Bartlett by Liz Claiborne

by sunnyfong

I recently tried on a few things by John Bartlett for Liz Claiborne. I was pleasantly surprised as sometimes these collections can be haphazard. First of all, any red-blooded American guy probably wouldn’t purposely head to the store to buy John Bartlett’s designs. I can see a few unsuspecting straight male wanderers picking up a few things by accident not knowing the gay overtones in Bartlett’s design sensibilities (remember when he used all male porn stars for a show?). Second, often these companies ASSUME red-blooded Americans will go and buy this stuff so they tend to continue making giant sizes and boxy cuts despite their ads and and a new foward-thinking Creative Director.

I mean, how many times have you looked at Ralph Lauren stuff in an editorial and think “wow, that looks great!” then go to the store to find that a small is actually a large? I always fall for the whole torso pinning the stylists usually do on-set. And I just think: Why not just make a slim shirt of tapered jacket? Why all the fantasy? Sure, show it on some Photoshopped hunk but when I’m at the store trying on this shit, it should fit how it’s being advertised.

Anyway, as I was saying I was pleasantly surprised as John Bartlett’s stuff for Liz Claiborne was not only affordable but actually fit. The cuts were amazing, the fabrics were exquisite and the small details were delightful.

The green gingham dress shirt has this amazing blue ribbon detailing along the buttons. And that orange jacket is a great sport cut in an adventurous colour. The colours are a little bright for my conservative self but I find myself drawn to the hues. They remind me of ice cream/frozen treats packaging! How American is that!

This collection isn’t for everyone and it’s not meant to be worn all together but as separates, it showcases the talent of John Bartlett as a designer. I really want him to make a big comeback!

For those who missed it, you also view Bartlett’s beautiful West Village home here.