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Month: September, 2009

That’s a funny story, Mark


Karl’s Korner

A fun version of our beloved Karl Lagerfeld..

I have nothing clever to say about this.

The Stadium Pal

I’m tempted to get one.

Don’t make me act a fool!

Madonna’s gonna be on Letterman this week.
This will be her 8th appearance. I wonder if she’s going to perform. Probably not as their conversations are the best.

One of the best interviews of all time. And such a cool exchange.

Remembering when Madonna was brash, uninhibited and could give a shit about anything, here are some shots from the recent Vanity Fair Italia. When she was actually cool (from Vanity Fair Italia):

Watch for Madonna on Letterman at 11:35 on Wednesday.

Karl’s Korner

Karl shows us what the hottest accessory for Fall is.

And if you didn’t guess, it’s COCK.

Karl’s Korner

Karl taking a little boat trip with this supposed loverboy. The more I see photos of them, the more I’m starting to think that the rumours are true.
And if the rumours are true? GO KARL. *high five*

Haha, look at Karl being helped on the boat like a sheep going up the planks to the delivery truck.

As an aside, do you think Karl has ever high fived anyone before? Do you think he even knows what a high five is?

Things to come (hopefully)…

I am quite disappointed. I got all these emails and did some research last week on upcoming posts. I was gonna give you some of the latest in men’s fashion and carnage.
But I can’t find photos of any of this shit!

Some of the things I was going to share with you:
– Sequined shoes by Kenzo
– Gucci’s limited edition 30K red crocodile jacket only available at the new Sloane Street flagship store (which I totally tried on a few years ago so waita re-design the same jacket pffft)
– Mihara Yasuhiro’s silver camera pendant
– The crisp cut
– Elasticized waists for fall
– Drawstring dress pants in the new D&G campaign

But since I can’t find any images, I’ll leave you with this instead…

Shoes by Julian Hakes

Architect Julian Hakes from London recently released a Mojito Shoe prototype with no foot pad. He talks about this unique design made from leather and carbon…

One late summer night in the studio I was thinking about the design of shoes in general.

I wondered why there was the need for a foot plate in shoes such as high heels. When I look at a foot print on sand it is very clear to see that the main force goes to the heel and ball. With a high heel providing the heel is supported, even by standing on a wooden block the foot naturally ’spans’ the gap naturally, with bones and tendons. The foot has its own inbuilt strength and support so why duplicate this. You would not have a jumper with rigid arms between elbow and wrist.

So this raised the question, if the design of a shoe was an evolution of the early sandal and how can new materials and design techniques provide new solution? So I set to exploring this question in a similar way to how I would design a bridge, examining the forces and looking at the most simple, elegant yet poetic expression of the forces at play within the materials used. With this approach I then set about wrapping my foot in tracing paper, then binding it up in masking tape and then drawings various geometries onto and over the form of my foot.

The next stage was rather dangerous as I had to cut the shape off my foot with a scalpel and not damage the pattern or my foot. The design this produced is a single wrapped geometry which starts under the ball of the foot and then over the bridge, then sweeping down below the heel before then twisting back on itself to provide the support for the heel and ankle. This form felt light and airy on the foot. So we called it the ‘Mojito’ as it was rather like a twist of lime skin.

The material choice is simple: The shoe is a laminate with Carbon fibre for the core which gives the shoe its spring and strength, leather on the foot side and rubber on the walking wearing side. 3 materials, each doing a specific job.

We are now in talks with specalist shoe fabricators in for the inital prototypes, a firm in Italy would be able to make the inner carbon fibre core and then I would love to get some fabulous furniture makers in High Wycombe to ’skin’ the shoe in leather as their stitching detailing is second to none.

Dragged a comb across my head…

I recently stumbled upon these rarely seen Beatles images while reading a rare John Lennon interview.

I love the amazing cuts they always sported. Ringo is sportin’ a ballooned casualness that’s just out of this world. Their silhouettes are so now. It’s unbelievable how much style these 4 had. They look part Helmut Lang, part Hussein Chalayan, part Savile Row… Beautiful.

The cut and crimson of George’s coat is amazing.

Still the coolest band in history. No one beats the Beatles. No one.

Cole, Rood & Haan

Cole Haan is releasing a heritage collection for Fall 2009. It was reported last winter but I mean, who fucking remembers this crap?

Here are a few shoes from the collection that I dig:

Sorta like a Cole Haan collection for the younger and hipper set.