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Month: August, 2009

David meets the devil..

Old news, I know, but I had to see it for myself. I read in the Globe that she looked like she was drunk on white wine.

Watching this little preview, I thought she was pretty on fire. I mean, Davey actually made her laugh.

I’m going to look for the whole thing now hoping she gets up on Dave’s desk and takes her top off.

Nuclear Wintour is my favourite nickname for her.


Oh Esquire

I love Photoshop Disasters. I can spend hours and hours looking at this shit especially fashion ones. I didn’t realize there were so many even from LVMH, Chanel, GQ… The list goes on.

Check out this little fuck up at Marie Claire last year.

But my favourite one is from an Esquire portfolio of creative and stylish men which included playwright and android, Adam Rapp:

You can still currently view this disaster on their site.

What were they thinking?


Nathan tipped me off to this one. I’m debating whether to get a pair or not. I want one where a guy is biting into a taco but it would be hard to get the tilt of the head right.


Wow, you look so sexy male models!

Oh hi, male models!

Emporio Armani

Inspired by a second screening of The Room tonight in Toronto (yes, I have spoons and roses ready), let’s take a look at a reoccurring trend for both the Fall 2009 women’s collections and the men’s Spring 2010: red.

Poker chic at Lanvin.

Dsquared has gone fishing.

Yes, the skate is very fresh ma’am…

Bottega Veneta is seeing red for spring… Is this a pomegranate or a lobster? Venetian sunset?

My corneas just melted.

Professor Watanabe’s marker is red at Comme des Garçons.

A beautiful red jizz rag at Adam Kimmel.

The blood of a samurai runs bright at John Galliano.

Red rains on Burberry’s spring collection.

God, I am so fucking excited for tonight!

Greatist Tits

Madonna’s trancey, eurotrash club anthem Celebration is out already but it’s about to be released with a (yet another stupid) giant greatist hits album.
Another single on the album is apparently called Revolver… Hmm… Wasn’t guy’s failed movie called that? I wouldn’t know because I think he’s a bit of a hack.
Rumour has it that Lil Wayne sings the hook.

We’ll see how that turns out.

But here’s a sneak peak at Madonna’s look in her new video for Celebration:

If anyone cares, and obviously you do since I’m a fashion carnage blogger, her dress is my Balmain 2009. Whoo!

Iced Canes

I’m lame

I don’t even watch Mad Men. Haha.

Marc Ronson for Gucci

Speaking of Marc Ronson, he has teamed up with Gucci to design a line of footwear.

Even though he looks like a ponce and the photographs are dull as hell (tell me these aren’t the actual ads but just Reuters promos), I still want his superstar producer babies.

The shoes aren’t as hot as the Lanvin ones but I’d still want Marc to hang one on his boner for me.

Glossy or Matte?

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