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Month: July, 2009

Nothing to celebrate

You can preview the new (horrible) song by her and Paul Oakenfold *grooooooooooooan* at Amazon.

Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay.

Madonna, you’re 50 and the world’s biggest music and fashion icon. Do something cool, sheesh! Go do an album with Ariel Wizman or Justice or something.
Stop working with Timbaland and world famous trance djs! Stop writing vapid dance music! Write some pop! That’s what you’re good at! DO ANOTHER ALBUM WITH STUART PRICE!!! Anything but this!

Ok, I’ll stop because I can feel myself getting gayer and gayer.


Gaga Googoo

Does this mean I’m fired?

I finally got my camera back from Nikon today (as it was damaged in a street brawl – long story) and I decided to look at some of the street style photos I’ve taken for BlogTO in the last few months. I wanted to see what kind of themes I could develop (their suggestion) and start looking for additional subjects this week.

BlogTO wanted something more theme-y and didn’t really like my random pickings. I didn’t even get to show them the 20 other people I shot before being told to alter my concepts. I tried and attended a few fashion events too and shot some people but either Toronto is completely style-less (Steevee will tell you that in a heartbeat) or I just suck at fashion spotting (according to BlogTO hehe).

Well, thinking about it is no longer necessary as it seems that the website that liked my idea of doing a personal street style column has taken it upon themselves to do it on their own using someone else. So I guess I can forget about resubmitting and just do my own? S’ok cuz I stole the idea from The Sartorialist anyway and he probably stole it from those Japanese fashion magazines that I used to read in high school at Pages (RIP). Or Vice.

Anyway, check out the new street style column from BlogTo

Should I be mad about this? Nah. I just wanted something creative to do while I was off. I just noticed that the comments aren’t all that positive anyway. Of course, I wouldn’t have chosen any of those people (except for the Asian guy and the girl with the bike). I also would’ve liked to have had a conversation with them about style, fashion, superficiality, materialism, blah blah blah. Dammit, I have so many great little conversations with the people that I shot.

I wonder if I was going to get this kind of a beating as well had they accepted my intended first post:

Toronto style can be difficult to define. I’ve been trying to define it all my life. One of my favourite past-times has always been people-watching. Sitting on a rooftop patio, riding the TTC or having a meal at House on Parliament, my eyes are constantly darting from one person to the next. When I was 4 years old, my mother used to take me down to Queen and King Street to “look at the punks.” I used to be obsessed with their skinny jeans, spiky leather jackets and the sounds that their chains made when they walked by me. Even as a toddler, I had a passion for fashion. I was the original Sartorialist!

Toronto is a place where cultures and styles collide. We are sufferers of an identity crisis. Are we an arts town? Are we a film town (or is that Vancouver)? Are we a sports town (Go Leafs go!)? Or are we the center of Canadian business? The one great thing about Toronto is that we’re all of those things and more. We can walk down any street and see a teenager wearing the most amazing phat pants circa 1996, sucking on a lollipop without a care in the world. Or a sophisticated businesswoman carrying a beautiful leather attaché down York Street. Or a child doing somersaults in Withrow Park wearing a colourful and crisp, freshly ironed plaid shirt.

Maybe one of Toronto’s strengths is that we don’t have one kind of style (or any style according to friends from Montreal, Paris and New York). Maybe diversity is our best trait.

Style isn’t about wearing the latest trend or the most expensive suit. It’s about reinterpreting your personality for all to see. It’s all about the details as well as the full package. It’s all about showing a little edge when you’re forced to dress a certain way for specific events, our daily jobs and significant milestones. It’s about walking the walk.

As George Michael once said in one of my favourite songs Freedom 90, “Sometimes the clothes do not make the man!”
But sometimes the (wo)man can make the clothes work.

Now let’s take a look at my very first street style entry for BlogTO…
Kat Marcus, Harbord and Ossington at 4:17 PM

I ran into this hairstylist extraordinaire and Colonel of Glamour in front of her salon. Looking effortless and street smart at the same time, Kat rocks a pair of pink jeans and a comfy t-shirt. She’s the punk rock Jennifer Beals.

K: I have a shopping secret. Chez Thrift in Bolton. It’s worth the drive. My purse [not pictured] was $6.
S: I love the shoes.
K: Prairie de Paris. I got them on sale for $300.
S: Is that a moustache necklace?
K: Yeah. It’s by Digby & Iona. It’s patterned after Inspector Clousseau from Pink Panther.
S: Where do you shop in Toronto?
K: Urban Planet at Gerrard Square. *laughs* So what are you gonna write?
S: I don’t know yet.
K: Just don’t call me a ‘hipster douchebag.’ Even though I am one.


Fuck it, maybe I’ll just start my own

Highs and Lows

My friend Steevee being a bad Samaritan in an evil green Prada mohair sweater, eating a chicken biscuit…

stEE says:
and eating at mcdonalds
and there’s a woman passed out
Sunny – Oh, hi bad movie says:
even better
stEE says:

Sunny – Oh, hi bad movie says:
i just sent that pic to my friend and he said “is that fun fur?”

A week of shows!

This is a big concert week for me as three bands that I have friends in are playing. And what does this have to do with style? Well, rock and roll is probably the most stylish thing on earth (next to old men on the subway).

Ever notice that the bands that dress up the most make the most forgettable music? Who told The Killers that they should dress like that? Horrible. That’s not style, it’s called being over-styled. I also have a real problem with certain rock bands dressing up like total divas (except the Stones in J. Lindberg as they’re allowed). I appreciate performance gear that’s a little more subtle. It’s just more romantic that way. Isn’t music supposed to be romantic instead of a lame parody of itself? Anyway, throw those cowboy hats and wristbands away and gimme a good ol’ dirty t-shirt and some sweaty hair.

The Ethers will be playing at the Dakota Tavern on Tuesday, July 28. Dole’s will have you waving your lighter around. I will be there eating codcakes and collared greens.

And just a heads up that The Rural Alberta Advantage will be playing on July 30 at the Horseshoe Tavern at Queen and Spadina.
It’s nice to see them getting more recognition. It seems people around me keep talking about them or I keep seeing them on random iPods so congrats to Nils for getting signed.

And of course, a plug to my boys in Clothes Make The Man who just played a very successful Edgefest gig.

They’ll be playing a show at the Rivoli on Wednesday, July 29. Their shows are high energy, tight and you won’t be disappointed. Plus, they’re hot.

Now, what to wear to all these shows…

Mr. Brainwash + Madonna = fat Madonna

This is the cover for her new greatest hits album.

I really like Mr. Brainwash so it’s nice to get a break from the usual fashion photographers she tends to collaborate with.
I’m also surprised Madonna would allow such a fat baby-faced depiction of her for an album cover.

I’m interested in hearing the two new Paul Oakenfold songs and the Jonas Akerland video being released next week.

Hopefully it won’t suck balls like her last album.

Btw, The Room last night was amazing.

I think we set the bar. Today, I’m recovering so there might be a few posts here and there since I feel like being plastered to this chair until I have to piss or eat. Me underwears!

Just hot!



I think these guys are crazy stylish. Great haircuts, the cuffs sticking out of the jackets, the subtle smiles at each other as they play one of our generation’s most memorable hits…
They’re kinda dressed like straight guys at a wedding but I’ll even forgive the collar sticking out of the percussionist’s Don Johnson blazer just because they ooze cool like a sliced pyrohy*.

*an Ukrainian fruit dumpling

If One Thing Matters by Wolfgang Tillmans

I recently saw If One Thing Matters – A Film About Wolfgang Tillmans at a film festival.

From How many young art fags have picked up a book of Wolfgang Tillmans’ photography only to find their artistic perception forever changed?

*raises hand*

After the film, it started to rain but I got home and dry.

God Bless Americana

I’ve been following the Burkman Brothers for a while now and I have to say that though I do appreciate most of the pieces for both the spring and fall collections, it seems to be more about branding instead of the actual individual items. Cool stuff but nothing special on their own. At least, I don’t see anything unique compared to Ralph Lauren or Rag & Bone. However, it is clever without being overly costume-y. And it doesn’t hurt that the Burkman Brothers are lean, kinda handsome otters (look it up, son) who look like they don’t shower but probably smell great all the time.

Their clothes definitely create a buzz for loyal fashionisters probably because the American backwoods meets Hamptons Classic aesthetic is so hot at this moment. There’s something strange about a generation of followers all of a sudden into presumably manly things such as boating, chopping wood and flying model airplanes. A lot of collections are looking less like “clothes that look like I can’t afford them” and more like regalia someone from Montana would wear to wrestle a bear (that I still can’t afford). But as a wannabe fashion whore myself with a small budget, I find myself going to Urban Planet ($5 plaid shirts, what!) instead of Animal Planet (HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYOOOOOO! RIP Ed McMahon!).

No longer can I find this type of clothing in vintage stores for less than $30 unless I sift through my local Salvation Army (which I still do from time to time if I find some change in my couch cushions). Now a new madras button-down or a collarless dress shirt can be priced at $187.

DSquared took it a little too far a few years ago when they made those ironic t-shirts and priced them at $200+ a pop. Then all these fags followed suit and I kept seeing them in the Village. Muscle Mary’s with one-size-too-small ringlet tees emblazoned with giant ironic phrases courtesy of Dean and Dan. It was the LV pochette of the stool pushers. Meanwhile, I “shamefully” continue to wear my ironic 75 cent tees I found at my local church bazaar sales in high school. *scoff*

But really, I’m a little conflicted about this whole trend now. Is it just too much? Do I really want a bunch of pansies flailing around in a bunch of work clothes like it’s a Halloween costume? Am I just extremely homophobic? Haha. Let’s go with the latter.

This either looks like my own collection of classics from years of power vintage shopping or it’s the same wrinkled mess as a college kid’s closet.

Maybe that’s it. Like Hollister, A&F, AE and Aeropostale, it all just oozes dormitory sex and towel snapping.

I do like this zip-up. The shape is great and the colours are just really fresh. I’d definitely buy it if it were priced under $60 but something tells me it costs about a week’s pay working in a sorghum mill.

I wonder what my blue collar father thinks about all this. Though a somewhat tormented and conservative Chinese man who worked for 25 years at General Motors, he did (and still does) watch Fashion TV every weekend as a ritual. I’m sure he has seen hints of the whole appropriation of the working class man into high fashion.

This photo from the Burkman Brothers’ website is basically my father’s chambray shirt (that I used to borrow) and his dirty work boots (neatly placed in the hall).

Anyway, I’ll leave you with an example of high fashion vs. mall retail:

I can’t afford either right now so Value Village or bust.

Pushing more fashion boundaries…

My beach outfit. I borrowed it from a landlord in Queens.

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