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Month: June, 2009

I do



Who Is It?

Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying. If you care enough for the living to make a better place for you and for me. You and for me. You and for me…

I miss Herb Ritts.


Breaking fashion boundaries…

The Sartorialist strikes again! And I strike out!

I can sorta kinda do a little surfing for a few minutes today since my computer has AIDS so I decided to use my time wisely.
The Sartorialist gave me my style porn for the week.

This is everything I love about men, style, men’s fashion and smoking. He looks like he’d know exactly what kind of tie goes with what kind of shirt collar AND fucking kick the shit out of you if you looked at him wrong at the same time. *swoon*

My comp is going to freeze again so back to playing solitaire (with actual cards) I guess.
Speaking of doing nothing, I got canned from my blogging gig with a certain Toronto-based urbanite blog. I was supposed to do a Sartorialist-esque column but they didn’t like my choices. They wanted me to go to events and shoot people. Snoozefest. I’ll resubmit and see what they think but so far, I’m not pleased that they want me to vanilla it up. Here I am shooting non-fashion people: old men, people on the street, teenagers at the mall. I’ll admit, Toronto isn’t easy to photograph if you’re not out 24 hours a day so I was having a bit of trouble finding people with style.

I was indirectly involved in a fight in the club district (long story) so my camera is also busted. A combination of things that is adding to the blows to my ego.

Maybe it’s the universe telling me that I’m just too cool for Toronto, right? RIGHT? And really, my first posts were a little too cheeky and I was waiting for the momentum to pick up. I had so many ideas for the coming months: Pride, summer stuff, swimwear, film fest, some store owners etc… They thought I was too all over the place and I don’t blame them: look at this blog. Oh well. I have 12 weeks worth of photos to share with you readers now for my I Spy posts.

Fuck it.

If someone is interested in taking me on for a street fashion blog, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just continue to do it here whenever I have the time to go outside.

Gay for pay

Omar comin’ (on yo’ face, n****)

The most stylish television show I have ever seen. I want to wear everything on The Wire.

Speaking of The Wire, check out the clothes (especially the shoes) on these guys. Tom Waits = style icon.

I absolutely love this performance.

My computer has swine flu…

My computer somehow contracted this awful virus so I’ve been MIA due to my lack of internet access.
For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading Toronto Life (I know, I know), watching The Wire and eating my face off (made French onion soup for the first time!).
So my updates will be sparse until I have this baby up and running again.
I’m even lucky to be able to get online right now so I’m gonna make the most of these precious 8 minutes before my machine explodes.

I’ll be back…

My hero…

Mr. Stern on Letterman, busting Dave’s balls once again…

The reason why I’m posting this? I’m a huge Howard Stern Superfan and of course, I was curious to see the Tom Ford outfit he wore to his wedding.
Very chic, Howard! I think Ralph actually did a great job pairing a cool tee with your suit.

And nice black Purcells too! A subtle casual rock and roll but still fashionable touch.

Fuck Ralph. Long live Howard!

I save dem bundles

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