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Month: May, 2009

Menswear Fall 2009 Collections – The Good!

When did Raf Simons stop making giant Colombian guerilla capes and start making beautiful silk blend topcoats?

I love the burnt sienna of this Spurr jacket (I just remembered that I left a vintage jacket like this at my friend’s place 4 years ago! SHIT!) and the cut of the pants.
I feel like this comes straight out of Jamel Shabazz photograph:

Tim Hamilton does this interesting silhouette with a low knit (something I hate) and a sheer shirt (something else I hate). But it works.

I want this Yves Saint Laurent coat. The red detailing on the arms is very Helmut Lang and I really dig the single button. I also think it’s crazy sexy that he looks like a well-off Lower East Side mixed media artist but is probably a broke male model.

I think the silvery (sequined) socks are so lame but I do like the blazer. Is that cardboard tape stuck to his lapel or is that a design detail?
I change my mind. I kind of want to beat this guy up.

More to come!


I Spy – College & Spadina @ 2:17 AM

I already hate riding public transit after last call with all the drunkards but this ride was exceptionally brutal. The white guy is wearing a blue rasta toque (but he doesn’t have dreads *groan*) and his stinky Polish footsies are adorning pink socks tipped in red paint. His feet look like two bloody camel-toed vaginas.

But I was mainly cranky because I had to spend 28 minutes of my ride home looking at this guy in front of me dressed up as a giant penis.

Kent State Massacre

Fur on your back, blood on your hands!

I love fashion because it’s glamourous, continually entertaining and fantastical. But I also love that it’s ridiculous, anger-inducing and insufferable.
Ever since I was a child, one of my favourite things was fashion carnage! I used to watch Fashion Television every Saturday at 6:30 with my father. I’d have a big smile on my face each time Jeanne Beker reported on runway bloopers or designers getting pied.

Some of my favourite things in the world:

Roasted vegetables.


Amy Sedaris vs. Letterman.

And when Peta attacks the fashion world!

DKNY gets attacked!

Jean Paul Gaultier’s store gets attacked!

Anna Wintour gets pied!

“Lindsay Lohan—fur hag!” gets a whole bag of flour dumped on her.

I love that Gisele continues on looking sexy like nothing is going on.

Cavalli gets attacked!

PETA will get you.

Menswear Fall 2009 Collections – The Good!

I’ve always had a thing about these colours for tartan. Maybe because my mom always had this fabric lying around. We are in the process of designing and making cushions in this pattern for a vintage chair in my dining room. Needless to say, I think this Paul Smith coat is incredible. Especially with that plaid shirt underneath and what looks like a nice burnt sienna braided belt. I want this whole outfit but I’d go with a solid tie.

I really enjoyed muted colours last season. The lilacs, baby blues, khakis and golds. They quickly went away when the sun started shining but I kept wearing the pieces that I have acquired throughout the years. This Paul and Joe look makes me want to continue muted colours through summer and into the fall.

This jacket reminds me of Larry David’s jacket at the end of the Hugh Hefner episode of Curb Your Enthusiasmin which his smoking jacket is “tainted” by poo particles. I love Larry David. This emerald colour is pretty good. Prettaaay prettaaay prettay good.

Philip Lim is awesome. This guy means business. Again, it’s the high end restaurant busboy look that I adore so much. Except here, he’s leaving Chez Pierre’s for the night to moonlight as an art thief.


Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2009

There’s something about these ads that turn me on. Maybe because America is in such turmoil right now that every red/white/blue reference in a positive light makes me happy.

There’s definitely a certain kind of Americana glamour missing from fashion these days so I really appreciate this new campaign. It’s fresh, well shot and the clothes are almost exquisite.

Even though he single-handedly set off logomania in the 90’s and possibly created a generation of suburban prepsters, I’ve always thought he was a good designer.
Tommy Hilfiger needs to make a big hip hop comeback again! Tommy! Hire a young designer to head a new street line! You need to rebrand! Let me do it for you! We can take over Ralph together!

Menswear Fall 2009 Collections – The Good!

Some more picks from Fall 2009…

At first, I was ambivalent about this Loden Dager outfit because it’s so dull, overdone, the colours are so drab and the model is way too hunky for the look.
But then I thought “ok, if this guy was standing in my room with his dick, would I kick him out of my house?”
So this outfit isn’t so bad after all.

I love that Marc Jacobs took inspiration from the smokers outside of NYU’s Film School. I enjoy the combination of solid happy hues with those tv snow grey stripes. The too short blazer is a big deal right now it seems.

This Patrik Ervell coat reminds me of my own giant ski coat. I really like how he paired such a baggy coat with the black and white waiter look with the rounded corners. I sport the waiter look quite often though I end up being asked for more bread than I’d like.

Paul and Joe cuts a great coat and adds an interesting belted blazer to the whole look. But what’s with the bottom half? He’s a fashionister from the waist up but looks like Mark the IT guy from the waist down.

More to come…

Another relucant purchase…

Slim fit yellow dress shirt. It’s loud. It’s electric. I’ve been looking for the right one for years.
I didn’t even try it on because at this point, I can tell if something fits.

I did find a yellow perforated Comme Des Garcons once in Montreal but no dice: $400.

This shirt was $17 and has black buttons. I plan to wear it with grey sweaters and cardigans. It’s 20+ and I’m still thinking about sweaters when I shop. Maybe I’ll try wearing it on its own.

I’m going to tell people it’s Comme Des Garcons anyway. Why not.

I did naaat

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