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Month: April, 2009

Cai Guo-Qiang

God, I love Cai Guo-Qiang. I’m so sad I missed his retrospective last year but I’m also kinda glad I wasn’t in New York in the summer. It’s just so goddamn hot there that I avoid it between June and September. No artist is worth enduring the extreme weather and pollution. Maybe if Keith Haring rose from the grave, I’d put on some short shorts and double dutch down.

For those who don’t know, Cai Guo-Qiang is a controversial contemporary Chinese artist who does mixed media, installation and he was even chosen to do the fireworks show for the 2008 Summer Olympics in China. He was an obvious candidate considering he works a lot with explosives such as gun powder for his 2-dimensional work.

He’s also not a stranger to the fashion world as he has contributed to Visionaire (those $400 magazines available on Amazon or in used bookstores on Prince Street)

and also designed a limited edition charity t-shirt for the Gap a while back.

I can’t even articulate how amazingly evocative and powerful his work is. It’s work that actually speaks for itself in a lot of ways. I won’t even ruin these images with a full critique.

He’s the intellectual’s Damien Hirst.


Dunne & Raby

Dunne & Raby makes me wet.

Wet like the inside of this bloody bear bag:

D&R are huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.

Video Game as High Art?

For all you nerds out there, Henry sent me this great episode that features very inspirational stuff:

Did anyone get to see the Visionaire collaboration with Sony Playstation?

Fuck the flu away…

Speaking of swine flu, this older jam is infectious! Starring one of the biggest style icons of our century, Miss Piggy:

(617): Call me Kermit cause I’m about to go piggin

I just messaged a friend that works at Art+Commerce to see if he can convince Marc Jacobs or Heatherette to project this clip on the runway…




Tim Gunn is so sweet. He can even interview this vapid piece of shit (though she does make me smile) and still be respectful and act interested in what she has to say.

Btw, speaking of Tim Gunn’s tolerant nature: Kenley Colling getting arrested for throwing shit at her boyfriend. Haha, sucker…

Remember Your Spirit

Sunny Fong vs. Sunny Fong

Well, we finally met at the Inside Out Festival launch of all things. I had been invited to be on the Screening Committee for this amazing film festival and it was a really good time (the sessions that I did make it to). I’m very excited to see some of the films and cover some of the events for another website.

But really, no one cares about all that shit because I officially met the very talented Project Runway winner and that’s all that people want to read about, right? Well, here you go…


“I’m really sorry.”
“Why should you be? You’re talented!”
“I’ve seen your blog and the “I’m not that guy” thing…”
“Oh, expect more snarkiness. My friends were screaming your name on the street the other night.”
“I would’ve had more fun with it but I was having an anxiety attack at that time so I’m really sorry.”

Yup, I was drunk. So I don’t really remember much. I’m sure I talked his ear off and rambled on and on. I was sooooo wasted from patio drinks with Vinder. I had to be super wasted to attend an all gay event. Blah. Everything was just soooooooooooooooo gay.

This entry couldn’t be more gay. I like my outfit though.

Let’s balance the faggotry of this entry out by posting a photo of me and Robin at the Toronto FC game this week.

Alright, back to your regularly scheduled program…

Matthew Williamson’s Men’s Collection

Ya, I stole these photos.

Pink pants. Surprise, surprise.
Why the big secret? Isn’t Williamson going to model it himself for the campaign? Like anyone’s gonna wanna buy that! Get Luke Warroll out of Kelly Osbourne’s smelly, disgusting, flappy pussy now and on the phone, stat!

A sad day :(

I got really bad news this morning. One of my ultimate style icons, Blue Iris, has died.
Blue Iris had a slew of medical problems but she always got herself together to bring so much joy to my life.
I’ll miss you, Blue. 😦

I’m seriously sad.

A tribute to you, sweets:

I hope she goes to heaven without urine in her feet.
Rest in peace, Bluuuuuue.

Can I put my finger in yer ass….

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